PriMera Scientific Engineering (ISSN: 2834-2550)


Volume 5 Issue 1

Article on How to Secure Node in Block Chain Technology

Dr. Shilpa B Sarvaiya*

June 26, 2024


The technology of Block chain is fundamentally a record of the distributed database or it is a public ledger of all the dealings or proceedings that are executed digitally and shared with other entries that are participating. Every transaction made in the public ledger is certified by mutual agreement of all the contributors in the arrangement. And after the entry of the information, it can never be erased. Each transaction made in the system can be easily verified and recorded in the case of Block chain technology.

I propose a secure protocol system for Nodes or Blocks present in the Block Chain network.

The numbers of Node will be connected into single network which will be called as Block.Entire data will be passed through this Networks therefore more possibility to hack this network by the inturder and that may cause a major defeat. Accordingly by implementing this propose system it is possible to avoid this loss.

In Block Chain network node communications consistently get coped and illegal operation performs if it happened then there will be a probability to go for massive catastrophe. So ,that security in protocol of Block need to be improve and implement so that the proposed article will help to cross check the sender and receiver node which keep the security up and maintain the variation in data handling.


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