Editor Guidelines

    Editor Guidelines

    The Editor handling an article examines the scope and quality of each submitted article and makes a decision regarding the further publication of the article.

    Roles & Responsibilities of Editors

    • The First important task of the editor is to decide whether the manuscript is suitable for publication / Not.
    • The decision of the editor should be unbiased in any circumstances.
    • The Editors contribution will add great value to the journal.
    • As the board member of the journal, the editor must be aware of the risk of conflicts while handling the manuscripts.
    • If Editors are satisfied with the content & quality of the article then editors should recommend it for the further publication process.

    Benefits for Board Members

    • After joining as a board member in a journal, we will provide a board member certificate.
    • And the most important step in benefits is “Each & Every issue of the journal will start with the Editorial given by the Editors / Reviewers”.
    • Editors Decisions place a Key role while selecting a Best article of the Issue.