PriMera Scientific Engineering (ISSN: 2834-2550)

Review Article

Volume 5 Issue 1

Analysis of Marketing Tactics on Instagram and their Impact

Akhil Nair and Suku Thomas Samuel*

June 26, 2024

DOI : 10.56831/PSEN-05-139


This study investigates the influence of digital marketing on the purchasing behaviour of students aged 18-25 on Instagram. Utilizing a questionnaire approach with 81 respondents and percentage analysis using spreadsheet, the research reveals a significant impact of Instagram marketing on student purchase decisions.  Despite extensive usage of the platform, students are not primarily shopping on Instagram, possibly due to high product prices and a plethora of choices. The study suggests that businesses could incentivize purchases by offering discounts and flexible payment options. The research also uncovers that students frequently interact with brand story ads, particularly those with visually appealing content. Brands employing captivating graphics, trending music, and current trends in their ads have a higher likelihood of attracting students. Informal promotion strategies, such as the use of memes and trending news, have proven effective in capturing audience attention. The study further highlights the role of influencer product reviews in enhancing trust and authenticity, thereby influencing purchase decisions. Brands can capitalize on this by promoting their products through influencers and celebrities for greater reach and engagement. Lastly, the research underscores the critical role of customer feedback in the purchasing process. Brands are advised to regularly review customer feedback, address concerns, and provide clear instructions and appropriate compensation. This comprehensive understanding of student behaviour on Instagram can guide brands in devising more effective marketing strategies.


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