PriMera Scientific Engineering (ISSN: 2834-2550)

Review Article

Volume 3 Issue 3

Cloud-Secured Learning: Strengthening E-Learning Platforms for Enhanced Accessibility and Protection

Sourav Mishra* and Sushree Bibhuprada Priyadarshini

August 18, 2023

DOI : 10.56831/PSEN-03-073


Cloud computing has transformed the technological landscape by providing businesses with scalable virtual resources and by transforming the e-learning industry. With this transformation, however, comes a paramount concern for security. The improvement of e-learning systems requires substantial investments in hardware and software. Cloud computing provides a cost-effective solution for institutions with limited resources. A comprehensive security framework adapted to the specific requirements of the e-learning platform is crucial for maximising the utility of common applications. Skilled security experts and software architects are essential to the design and implementation of such solutions. Authentication, encryption, and access controls serve as the security arsenal's armour and weaponry. The ongoing pursuit of a secure educational environment necessitates a dedicated team that stays current on the most recent threats and countermeasures. Combining cloud computing and e-learning offers numerous opportunities, but security must remain a top priority. This report examines the principles of neural networks and high-performance computing for fortifying cloud-based e-learning platforms, resulting in a tapestry of safeguards that protect the treasures of online education.

Keywords: Cloud computing; Scalable; Authentication; Encryption; Neural Networks


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