PriMera Scientific Engineering (ISSN: 2834-2550)

Research Article

Volume 3 Issue 2

Enhancement of Safety and Energy Efficiency in Buildings using Lo Ra Technology

Vishal Shrivastava and Sangeeta Sharma*

August 01, 2023


Smart building management systems (SBMS) are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings. This research uses Lora technology- the latest trend to deliver a secure wireless SBMS using very little power. LoRa devices involve incorporating wireless communication technology into building management systems to increase power efficiency, ensure safety by earlier earthquake and fire detection, providing safety instructions, escape routes to the occupants and alert to the local emergency response team, security to the end user, automation and monitoring capabilities. SBMS also provides advanced automation capabilities, such as automated lighting, heating, and cooling systems. These systems adjust in real-time based on the occupancy levels and other building parameters, providing optimal comfort to occupants while minimizing energy usage. The goal is to enhance comfort, safety, security and energy efficiency for the occupants.

LoRa offers long-range coverage and low power consumption, making it ideal for use in smart buildings.

Keywords: Internet of things (IOT); Smart buildings; Lora; Cloud computing


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