PriMera Scientific Surgical Research and Practice (ISSN: 2836-0028)


Volume 3 Issue 4

The Modified Messenger RNA Platform and the Creation of Unintended Proteins: A Genocidal Trojan Horse

K Paul Stoller*

March 20, 2024

DOI : 10.56831/PSSRP-03-096


The Trojan Horse

The nucleoside-modified messenger RNA (modRNA) is a synthetic messenger RNA Trojan Horse that has and will continue to cause untoward deaths and disability. This is not just about the spike protein, a known pathogen [1] Furthermore, it does not require a degree in immunology to appreciate that if you have the cells of the human body make foreign proteins - especially a pathogen - one’s immune system will attack those cells. The creation of this gene-altering injection was done with malicious intent. If you know the infectious agent is a virus that replicates and mutates rapidly, but you give a non-sterilizing intervention in the midst of an outbreak, are you not putting evolutionary pressure on the virus to side-step your intervention? Just another example that the injection was not intended to end the planned pandemic (plandemic) [2] but exacerbate the morbidity and mortality.

Many pharmaceutical interventions do more than advertised. For example, one can’t wean cold-turkey off of SSRI’s even when substituting a serotonin analog, such as saffron, because SSRI’s do more than what they claim to do - they do far more than just inhibit serotonin reuptake. SSRIs such as Prozac, seem to hijack dopamine receptors to name one [3].

While the public is/was told mRNA is ephemeral in the body, a truth, what was not told was billions were being injected not with mRNA but modRNA, which is not ephemeral and it is no secret that it is programmed to make more than just the spike protein as per Pfizer’s own documentation:

“Self-amplifying mRNA (saRNA): saRNA is a platform that uses a much larger molecule because not only does it encode the antigen of interest, but four additional proteins. These extra proteins allow the cell to make more copies of the mRNA, resulting in more protein being expressed from a smaller dose[4].

This bears repeating... these injections do not deliver natural mRNA but a modified version with extended stability which causes the cells of the body to produce unnatural proteins in addition to the spike protein but the true purpose of these proteins and what they are creating is unknown and on a practical level their presence is undisclosed. Be that as it may, the injection is clearly a gene-therapy and should have been labeled and regulated as such.

In the spring of 2020, the definition of vaccine was changed from something that would reduce infection and transmission to something that would reduce hospitalization, or the severity of the disease after receiving multiple injections - that violated the CDC’s own published rules on what a vaccine is supposed to be [5]. The public was lied to by saying it was a vaccine when it was an “experimental gene-therapy“ as per Moderna and BioNTech’s own filings - at least until April of 2020. They called it a vaccine so people would take it, because vaccines are the sacred cows of conventional medicine and everyone is preprogrammed to believe they are all “safe & effective,” because an authority figure told them it was and most in the First World have been carefully conditioned to concede our common sense or discernment to authority figures.

The manufacturers could legally lie about safety because in 2018 the legal definition of an adverse event was changed to being only something the medical literature or medical consensus had previously noted was an untoward sequelae of that injection. It would not have mattered if the injection gave every recipient myocarditis if that was not previously delineated - it would not be an adverse event.

While few are aware the injections are making multiple proteins this fact is clearly spelled out by Pfizer itself. Granted Pfizer has zero to no credibility for anything they write or say, but they seem to be very transparent about revealing the injection is making “these extra proteins.” They are admitting to four additional proteins; however, there may be many more unintended, and undisclosed proteins being made. Pfizer very much wanted to keep their clinical data sealed for 75 years, so they had a lot to hide.

What are these extra proteins and what are they doing in the human body and what could go wrong? How about death?

Note the words “self-amplifying,” because one might correctly assume that these other proteins are critical to self-amplification. Is there a connection between, for example, these never-seen-before massive clots found in so many deceased jab victims and these self-amplifying bio-nano machines?

War on humanity became fully operational but not recognized as such because there were no helmets, guns, bombs or bullets. Need proof? A systematic review of autopsy findings in deaths after Covid-19 injections revealed that 73.9% of those deaths were caused by or significantly contributed to by the Covid-19 injections [6].

Perusing the Moderna patent issued in April of 2023 (US patent number 11,622,972 B2) entitled: Lipid nanoparticle compositions and methods for formulating same, you can see that that these stealth nanoparticles are chock full of plastic polymers many of which are carcinogenic and toxic Phthalates. Phthalates are most often used as plasticizers that allow plastics to be more flexible, durable and long lasting. If the COVID injection were actually a vaccine these chemicals would be (and should have been) labeled as adjuvants or excipients, and subjected to safety evaluations.

Of course, safety gets side-stepped when no one even bothers to look or evaluate for same, and this is by design. It was already known many Phthalates are toxic endocrine disrupters, and should never have been allowed in these injections without adequate safety considerations, but ipso facto…safety is not a consideration in today’s captured regulator environment. Phthalate exposure alone is responsible for 100,000 deaths in America every year with a societal cost of almost $40 billion a year [7]. Why do you think testosterone levels have been crashing to use but one example?


Complex organic polymers are called Hydrogels. Hydrogel-forming natural polymers include recognizable proteins such as fibrin and collagen. The Pfizer Lipid nanoparticles [8] are the constituents of hydrogels and again the question is what is being made by these constituents?

Remember the spike protein is a pathogen. So, it is of interest that the CoV-2 spike protein S1 alone induces fibrin(ogen) resistance to fibrinolysis. So, just the massive production of the spike protein alone by the cells of the human body could be causing these massive clots being seen today in those who have experienced post-injection thrombi that the body cannot destroy [9]. We have all heard the reassurances that mRNA does not affect DNA so not to worry your genome is safe, and indeed mRNA does not affect DNA, but modRNA has a direct effect on DNA [10].

At the very least injected breastfeeding mothers and organ donors who underwent the COVID-19 injection almost certainly transfer worrisome modRNA, adenoviral DNA, spike protein, and or anti-platelet factor-4 antibodies (vaccine induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia or VITT) to their close contacts [11].

VITT are these weird elongated clots pulled from the vaccinated dead. Platelets are activated in a novel and deadly manner to create an immune complex hydrogel. This is accomplished by platelet-activating anti-platelet factor 4 (PF4) antibodies. It is still a mystery as to what sets this off. No one is accusing the spike protein, but if not the spike protein could it be one of the many additional proteins the modRNA is instructing the cells to create? Or is it the undisclosed presence of Graphene oxide (GO) known to self-assemble?

Injecting modRNA, which does not seem to degrade in many - i.e. it is not ephemeral - could have serious repercussions on over-all mortality post injection, to say the least, by the pernicious disruption of the human genome. To believe, and this is about faith not science, that biopolymer particle (BP) vaccine technology is a benign intervention ready for prime time for a whole host of potential conditions is the height of arrogance and hubris in the face of the mounting death toll in the countries most heavily Injected.

Fear is the Mind Killer

Providing some additional background context, the Gain-of-Function work that created CoV2 was funded by the United States Government and approved by Anthony Fauci. The bagman was Peter Daszak of Eco-Health Alliance, who as of this writing is still getting millions in NIH grants. Yet, the apparent deliberate release of the CoV2 virus must have been big disappointment as it was hoped it would have killed billions and the injection, called a vaccine, was only meant to do clean-up. Since CoV2 didn’t perform as hoped the roll-out of the injection had to be moderated as not to draw too much attention to the death toll or those asking too many questions given there were too many still alive to ask those questions, so certain batches were not as problematic as others. Never evaluated to see if it would stop transmission or infection, because that was never the intention of the jab - the intention was democide. One need look no further than Canada to prove that point - those with vaccine injuries are being offered free euthanasia. Now, we all know the jab neither stopped transmission nor infection. The mass indiscriminate use of the modRNA vaccine was catastrophic but then wasn’t it meant to be?

It was also imperative any options for early treatment be extinguished lest that interfere with the injection roll-out, so hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin were demonized, while hospitals were being incentivized to literally murder COVID patients by intubation and the use of the ineffective and deadly drug Remdesivir. Unsupportable medical protocols were strictly enforced. Admitting a patient and labeling them a COVID patient was worth $11K to the hospital, $39K if they were intubated. Using Remdesivir and Versed as the only pharmaceutical protocol gave hospitals a 10 percent bonus on the total bill, so by using Remdesivir a typical $500K hospital bill would garner an extra $150K for the hospital. That is why all other treatments were forbidden.

Truly, this was probably the single greatest crime against humanity in the modern history of mankind. The world was told what they were going to do in 2015, but the world was asleep. At the end of February 2024, Russia submitted a 2,000-page report to the United Nations documenting the bio-security deep state and pharma manufactured the COVID event naming influential figures within the US political landscape who orchestrated the Covid-19 pandemic as part of a global domination strategy. Among those named as participants in this scheme are Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and George Soros, implying their involvement in a conspiracy against humanity. This is really the overlooked big picture, there were a colluding set of conspirators both in industry and in the public sector that orchestrated the plandemic, and well planned it was. No one was allowed to question anything because it had been decided everyone would get the injection.

These individuals must be exposed lest they take matters into their own hands to hide their crimes in the chaos they are still very much capable of creating. For example, thousands of foreign military or para-military combatants were brought through the open boarder into the United States just waiting for the word to activate and pillage, rape and destroy United States citizens inside their own country. Then again, it could just be that new and improved infectious bio-weapon Bill Gates seems to be so anxious to unleash. The crime was not committed solely by Big Pharma, they were just the arms dealers - the crime is what allowed them to be arms dealers - this ongoing war on humanity itself - that is the crime. This is beyond the scope of this perspective but the elites want a return to feudalism with a vastly reduced planetary population -an 80 to 90 percent reduction. These individuals are detached from reality, but have never suffered the consequences.

The first patent [12] on CoV2 was back in 2002, but in 2019 Moderna filed four patents that had previously been rejected, “Because of concern for the reemergence or a deliberate release of the SARS coronavirus, vaccine development was initiated.” That is only something you say because you know what the plan is - no different than when Fauci announced in 2017 that Trump would face a surprise infectious disease outbreak...surprise? If anyone announced their local bank would experience a surprise robbery don’t you think that person would be a prime suspect?

In the fall of 2019, the WHO announced it would conduct a worldwide exercise to be ready for the release of a “rapidly spreading pandemic due to a lethal respiratory virus…which would impose additional preparedness requirements”. The “criminals” announced in advance what they were going to do and no one seemed to care but for literally a handful of individuals that were dismissed as conspiracy theorists. Did the lethal respiratory virus exercise also include distributing the virus to multiple locations around the world? Because it is clear this infection did not come from a wet-market in December of 2019. CoV2 circulating for months before that. Release implies intention and distribution; it does not imply an accident of happenstance. One could infer the WHO was actually involved in its release and the so-called exercise may have been far more than just an exercise.

Then came the diabolically dishonest cover-up. The distrust in government and public health edicts has grown exponentially as a result. More dangerous than CoV2 was the shutdown of free-speech, and of course self-righteous politicians and technocrats who knew nothing about the actual science were eager to censor, terminate, or delicense anyone who didn’t agree with the narrative they were pushing. The government used proxies to silence those asking inconvenient questions or had information that would expose the narrative. The FBI and DHS were meeting weekly with the high-tech platforms to make sure those platforms took down or suppressed information they disagreed with. Meanwhile, “I am the Science” Anthony Fauci’s emails from January 2020 showed he was well aware the NIH was funding Gain-of-Function research in Wuhan; nevertheless, the public was told the opposite (the least of his crimes). It is doubtful he will ever be prosecuted for anything, because in the United States there is now a two-tier system of justice where what is called lawfare is used to minimize anyone who threatens the elite’s plan for world dominance. If this is allowed to continue the judicial system in the United States will collapse and take the rest of the country with it.

Physicians could have stopped this tragedy but in the United States 85 percent of physicians work for institutions and those that knew better still feared more about their employment than doing the right thing. This is what happens when you have the corporate practice of medicine. So, modern conventional medicine went down a very dark path created 100 years ago by the Rockefeller Foundation. There was a pernicious turn from science to scientism, which is a non-evidence-based mix of scientific dogma and magical thinking that is meant to serve those in control or wanting to be in control.

Considering the rush is on to completely bypass informed consent and aerosolize this technology [13] it is critical to understand and expose the insanity of how this democide was carried out - an understanding that has yet to happen, so its instigators are still at it and are desperate for the next wave of infectious disease genocide they have up their sleeves if for no other purpose than to cover their tracks from their crimes related to COVID.

The public has been bombarded with distractions, from UFO’s, Drag Queen Story Time, George Floyd, January 6th, the drug and slave trade on the deliberately open southern border, DEI, men having babies, the climate change hoax, and unending wars in multiple locations. This was all orchestrated to invert reality so that the real crime would not be noticed - that a colluding set of misanthropes caused this all to happen. These conspirators knew the plandemic was coming and played their roles to make sure it took place. This information has been in the public domain now for over a decade, as per Peter Daszak’s 2015 presentation to the National Academy of Science:

Daszak reiterated that, until an infectious disease crisis is very real, present, and at an emergency threshold, it is often largely ignored. To sustain the funding base beyond the crisis, he said, we need to increase public understanding of the need for MCMs (medical counter- measures) such as a pan-influenza or pan-coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media, and the economics follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of process, Daszak stated[14].

But it goes back farther to 2005 when Ralph Baric gave the DARPA lecture: “Synthetic Coronaviruses. Biohacking: Biological Warfare Enabling Technologies. June 2005 Washington DC: DARPA/MITRE sponsored event”.

Why are we still debating where the virus came from?

Ralph Baric, the scientist who made the weaponized CoV2 virus, at the University of North Carolina, actually published the treatment for the bioweapon in 2010: Zn(2+) inhibits coronavirus and arterivirus RNA polymerase activity in vitro and zinc ionophores block the replication of these viruses in cell culture [15].

No surprise that the creator of the Gain-of-Function virus would have a countermeasure if for no other reason than his own protection. The public has been conditioned for years to accept fear-based narratives without questioning them and to surrender their own discernment for whatever the authority says is going on and what should be done. Combine that with the assault on our I.Q.’s with toxins, such as fluoridated water, pesticides, and a poor educational system to the point where we couldn’t see the information under our noses - the elites were fearless in their ability to pull off this great democide and will try again if they are not exposed.


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