PriMera Scientific Surgical Research and Practice (ISSN: 2836-0028)

Short Communication

Volume 2 Issue 6

Cure Breast Cancer

Dr. Mickey Mehta*, Ms. Nisha Amin* and Ms. Shivali Khagram

November 23, 2023

DOI : 10.56831/PSSRP-02-075


Our genes hold the gun, our environment can pull the trigger and activate the genes we've been carrying for decades, to live together.

There are trillions of bacteria, germs, and viruses in the environment that we breathe, and our ancestors have encountered many diseases including cancer, and breast cancer for females.

Cancer is a complex disease that is caused by a number of factors like collective trauma and the body finds expression in its defense mechanism. When not checked in time, and affected with factors like stress and lifestyle choices, can go awry.

More scientific validation today indicates that most cancer patients have experienced some sort of trauma. Any kind of trauma, subtle or strong, average or accentuated, puts us on the path of fight and flight response. The body becomes reactive, and the body becomes a chemical factory, reacting. Such development of reaction is what we call cancer.

This has been backed by the tremendous work of a German doctor, Dr. Hamer. His belief was that when an unexpected, distressing event / trauma occurs, the biological program, called cancer is triggered.

Being sensitive to emotions and psychology, disappointments, depression, hurt, pain, suffering, resentments, and harbored hatred, all such emotional and psychological toxins and imbalances influence and impact our wellness.

The body's defense mechanism primarily goes out of hand, ungoverned, and instead of protection, it can kill, if not checked, well in time.

All kinds of such influences on us disturb our immunity, immunoglobulins, T-cells, our B-cell secretion, they disturb our digestion, process of absorption of nutrients, and elimination of toxins.

All this becomes a force multiplier effect and of course, then that develops into cysts, lumps, and knots which then keep growing, crowding the organ, and then of course begin to migrate and spread within the body.

Even while stressful life events are challenging to predict or prepare for, their potential connection to breast cancer development could give new perspectives into the disease's prevention and therapy.

Our bodies release the hormone cortisol when we are under stress. The stress hormone cortisol has been associated with an increased risk of breast cancer.

Additionally, stress can hinder our bodies' ability to combat cancerous cells. Neurotransmitters like norepinephrine are released when the body is under stress, which stimulates cancer cells.

Chronic stress exposure has been associated with adverse adjustments in the body's homeostasis. Telomere shortening caused by stress may affect cellular aging and have negative effects on health. This is how stress can cause cancer of the breast.

Controlling stress factors using a variety of self-learned coping mechanisms or seeking professional help to deal with unpleasant emotions early on should undoubtedly have a positive impact on women's health.

So drop your anxieties, dissolve your fears, let your insecurities get dwindled.

The emotional and psychological catharsis of screaming, crying, recreation, laughing, dancing, joy, reminiscing happiness, the joy of the past along with lots of rhythmic, calming, tranquilizing and regulated breaths, optimal movement and clean green nutrition, can certainly begin to heal and harmonize.

Among the medical fraternity, a famous scientist, Bruce Lipton, who has won many coveted awards, has mentioned in his popular book, The Biology of Belief, that “Your belief can change your Biology”.

Reportedly, many patients who suffered, benefitted by this understanding and simply by applying mental attitude, optimism, affirmations and faith. No wonder, Dr. Bruce Lipton has gained a lot of credibility.

Dr. Mickey Mehta says, your faith can change your physiology, breath can change your hormonology, meditation and prayers can change your emotion and psychology.

With optimism, faith and belief, begin to believe that you are whole, and healing and you will become whole and healed.

This faith elevates the mood and so turns the biochemistry, which in turn secretes happy hormones. Therefore, we can say, that Faith is happiness.

Your intentions, emotions, energy translates amavish (poison) to amruta (nectar).

Maintaining a general healthy pH balance in the body is fundamental for overall health. pH disturbances, defined as considerable deviations from the normal pH range, can have a variety of effects on the body's restoration and homeostasis. Mood conditions, emotional make up and your psychological ill effects can keep your body in the acidic zone and this can increase chances and be a cause of cancer.

This can lead to a disturbance in the circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is a natural, endogenous process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle and occurs approximately once every 24 hours. This internal clock is regulated by external cues like as light and darkness and is critical in regulating a variety of physiological functions such as hormone secretion, metabolism, and immunological function.

The circadian rhythm affects the release of hormones like cortisol, which regulates metabolism and the immune system. Circadian rhythm disruptions may have a direct impact on hormone balance, potentially influencing systems related to cancer development.

Maintaining a regular sleep-wake cycle, limiting light exposure at night, and adopting healthy sleep habits are all techniques that may assist sustain a healthy circadian rhythm.

The relationship between attitude, optimism, and food biochemistry involves the interaction of psychological and physiological components.

While the impact of attitude and optimism on food biochemistry is complex, there are a number of ways in which mental and emotional states can influence eating behaviour and, thus, the body's response to food.

Mind - body connection - The notion of the mind-body connection acknowledges the interaction of psychological and physiological variables.

Dr. Hamer has indicated achieving high success rates in last stage cancer patients with a form of mind - body healing.

Positive attitudes and optimism have been related to overall well-being, including enhanced mental health. A good attitude may influence healthy lifestyle choices, including eating choices, which can have a positive impact on biological processes.

Stress and cortisol level - Stress levels can be influenced by one's attitude and optimism. Chronic stress is linked to higher cortisol levels, a hormone involved in metabolism and energy management. Changes in eating patterns caused by stress may contribute to changes in blood sugar levels and metabolic processes.

Dopamine release - Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that has been linked to pleasure and reward. Dopamine release can be enhanced by positive experiences and attitudes. Food selection and eating, particularly delicious and fulfilling foods, can also cause dopamine release, altering the biochemistry of reward and satisfaction.

Emotional eating - Eating habits can be influenced by one's attitude and emotions. Some people may indulge in emotional eating, which is when they utilize food as a coping method for stress or bad feelings. Emotional eating can lead to the consumption of certain foods, which can have a variety of impacts on biochemistry, including changes in neurotransmitters and hormones.

Nutrient absorption - Chronic stress, for example, has been linked to alterations in gastrointestinal function and may impact nutrient absorption.

Inflammation and immune system - Reduced inflammation and improved immune function have been linked to positive attitude and optimism. Chronic inflammation has been linked to a variety of health problems, including metabolic abnormalities. Positive emotional states may help to balance the inflammatory response and improve overall immunological function.

Promoting longevity, immunity, and vitality can contribute to overall well-being and may play a role in prevention of cancer and other fatal diseases.

There have been a lot of studies conducted by the likes of Deepak Chopra, Baba Ramdev's Patanjali Research Foundation and findings of Sadhguru and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji, Maharishi Mahesh Yogiji and other scientists of the world which includes Elizabeth Blackburn's findings on telomeres which state that good mood, faith and optimism are the causes of longevity, immunity and vitality.

Here are some broad principles that may contribute to longevity, immunity, and vitality, with a focus on cancer prevention:

Include Food For Gods - Healthy, wholesome and well balanced food supplies critical nutrients for energy, immunological function, and tissue repair.

This can be attained better with the use of plant-based foods. VEGETARIANISM is the ideal way to great health and well-being.

Consuming sattvik foods that are high in vital nutrients with a variety of seasonal and regional fruits and vegetables. These foods are high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, which promote overall health and may protect against certain cancers.

It is important to be instinctive and eat only when hungry. Following the circadian rhythm and going by the cycle of eating is good for health.

The father of medicine, Hippocrates, has said, “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”.

Food can neutralize stress because food is an agent, a healing agent.

VEGETABLES cleanse you; FRUITS heal you; NUTS, SEEDS AND DRY FRUITS fortify you; and HERBS regulate you.

Arjun ni chaal, Giloy, Dashamula, Punarnava, Guggulu are the suggested and recommended herbs where a lot of research has been done for their curative properties. They have zero side effects if you take pure herbs and use them.

Adjuvants like cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, turmeric, black pepper, cloves and kadhas also have anti inflammatory and curative effect. They aid in repair, restoration, regeneration, revival and rejuvenation.

Weight management is important as being overweight or obese puts one at risk for a variety of malignancies. Adopting a nutritious sattvik dietary intake and engaging in regular physical activity can help with weight management.

Optimal movement therapy and postures in poetry on a regular basis with the right breathwork has been linked to a lower risk of several types of cancer.

Prioritising sleep routine and getting a good night’s sleep is ideal for balancing our unit rhythm. It determines the rhythm of our heart or it's better to say that the heartbeat determines that rhythm too.

So our unit rhythm when gets synchronised with the universal rhythm, the cosmic rhythm, our circadian rhythm remains harmonised and hormones behave well.

The most important factor for the same is rest. Rest, generally, we address it as sleep but sleep need not be restful. Sleep also is an art. It's a matter of a way of life, where you can literally breathe out, the moment the hour, the day, the days, the week, the weeks, the month, the months, the year, the years, the life and the lives lived till date. So breathing it all out and sleeping like a baby and waking up like a daisy is when maximum healing happens.

Sleep deprivation or poor sleep quality might have an impact on the immune system.

On the other hand, good sleep helps to restore other body clocks, like biological clocks, restoration, repair, rejuvenation.

Different brain neurons are activated by deep breathing, signaling the body to relax. Being stressed out and erratic, irregular breath, impacts breath management. Better breath management can neutralize stress.

Calming down, getting collected, slowing down, stopping, and stilling the mind with yoga, breath or meditation are other ways to signal body to relax.

Keeping in touch with a mental health professional for controlling stress and having a MD vaidya supervision would be beneficial as all this can aid in the creation of healthy coping strategies and a plan to lessen stress which helps in releasing endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin.

This life is an ocean that keeps moving, there will be high tides, there will be low tides, there will never be any steadiness. This unsteadiness causes stress.

The art of surfing this ocean is so important so that we can cope with the stress, meet the stress, re-create ourselves, and break the pattern of stress.

Being calm in the storm is an art, it's not easy, yet it can be achieved. So, we have to learn to be happy within and be fulfilled within.

Observe silence and meditation because these are the things that can bring back order. Make sure that we laugh with our friends and family, and make sure that we share a strong bond with our beloveds including parents and grandparents.

Dr Joe Dispenza has said that your mind can heal the body. The mismanagement of emotions and the hormones of stress is what begins to create their condition. That constant state of panic and stress is an imbalance that happens in our brains. It’s what causes our diseases.

If we learn how to change our thoughts, the mind can heal the body. It happens all the time — it’s called “spontaneous remission,” and even people with stage 4 cancer can be totally cured - Dr. Joe Dispenza.

When your mind and brain functions become coherent, they create an electromagnetic field for cleansing the environment, harmonising the environment and vitalizing the inner and outer environment.

Today, every leading hospital chain of the world, especially in the first world countries, have introduced lifestyle functional medicine, life coaching, integrating complementary medicine, because the findings of the last two decades and more says that all the pillars of lifestyle, which means nutrition, movement, breath, meditation, sleep, laughter, sports, outdoor environmental engagement and social engagements don’t just prevent but cure and heal all diseases.

Resistance to diseases certainly grows with recreation. So dance, music therapy, poetry, and singing are also extremely important to aid the healing process.

These are all healing quotients and they uplift, upregulate, and upscale our immunity to a big extent. So kindly restore, repair, revive, and rejuvenate using different therapies. Cancer neutralized… creativity Mickeymized!!