PriMera Scientific Surgical Research and Practice (ISSN: 2836-0028)


Volume 2 Issue 5

The Great Democide: How and Why It Happened

K Paul Stoller*

October 18, 2023

DOI : 10.56831/PSSRP-02-066


     Pharmakeia a false hope and deception of false peace, false healing, and a false future.

     “The Armenian genocide was not a mistake; Holodomor was not a mistake; the Final Solution was not a mistake; the Killing Fields was not a mistake; the Great Leap Forward was not a mistake. Name your genocide it was not a mistake - that in includes the Great Democide of the 2020’s, to imply otherwise is to give “them” the out they are seeking.

     “It was not botched; it was not bungled; it was not a blunder; it was not incompetence; it was not lack of knowledge; it was not spontaneous mass hysteria. The planning occurred in plain sight; the planning is still occurring in plain sight.

     “The philanthropaths bought the science; the modelers projected the lies; testers concocted the crisis; the NGOs leased the academics; the scientists fabricated the findings; the mouth-pieces spewed the talking points; the organizations declared the emergency; the governments erected the walls; the departments rewrote the rules; the governors quashed the rights; the politicians passed the laws; the bankers installed the control grid; the stooges ordered the money; the DoD placed the orders; the corporations fulfilled their contracts; the regulators approved the solution; the laws shielded the contractors the agencies ignored the signals; the behemoths consolidated the media; the psychologists crafted the messaging; the propogandists chanted the slogans; the fact-chokers smeared the dissidents; the censors silenced the questioners; jack-boots stomped the dissenters; the tyrants summoned; the puppeteers jerked; the puppets danced; the colluders implemented; the doctors ordered; the hospitals administered; the menticide is scripted; the bamboozled leaded; the totalitarianized bullied; the COVIDians tattled; the parents surrendered; the good citizens believed and forgot.

     “This was calculated; this was formulated; this was focused grouped; this was articulated; this was manufactured; this was falsified; this was coerced; this was invective; this was denied.

     “We were terrorized; we were isolated; we were gas lite; we were dehumanized; we were wounded; we were killed. Don’t let them get away with it. Don’t let them get away with it. Don’t let them get away with it.”

---- by Margaret Anna Alice.

     The world now knows, thanks to 46 Pages FOIA’ed emails between CDC managers, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Collins, and White House, NIH, HHS, that they all knew about vaccine-induced myocarditis and thrombotic thrombocytopenia in early 2021, despite that over 80% of the emails were redacted [1].

     Every American citizen must be given access to this complete set of unredacted communications, and the guilty must be prosecuted in a special court arranged by the victims’ families.

     We are still in the midst of the greatest worldwide psychological operation (Psy-Op) in the history of man. Not that long ago we were hunter-gatherers where family, purpose, cooperation and community where paramount to survival. We were never wired to withstand the level of psychological manipulation we have been experiencing the purpose of which was to invert reality so we could easily be led to slaughter. It has split our realities, and now we have two separate realities co-existing in the same space-time. The splitting of these two realities is inevitable, the only question is how will it happen.

     It takes about 2 years, on average, for citizens in the United States of America (USA) to recognize they are being poisoned, for captured regulatory agencies to make some token inadequate attempt to fix the problem.

     Now, who captured most of these agencies that are meant to regulate and protect… well, the obvious answer is Big Pharma - nothing new and no big surprise. Agencies developed mercantile relationships with the very companies they were supposed to be regulating - kind of an economic Stockholm Syndrome. Pharma cares about one thing - profits, and we have let this psychopathic entity run policy in multiple countries. Yet, does someone control Big Pharma like the military? Or is it Big Pharma that is in control of the military?

     Maybe they just work hand and hand, because what we saw take place in the last few years is a Globalist military run operation where everyone seemed to be controlled by a central source… “Operation Lockstep?” if you will… even though the population was kept in the dark. After all, you just don’t announce there has been a Bio-Military coup of the US Government (along with many other countries) and expect the population will be ok with that. When it came to COVID, the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) was MIA, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) was but rubberstamping because on a practical level there was no more CDC - they became the propaganda arm of Pharma prevaricating their dark little hearts out to the public. The FDA existed in name only when it came to COVID… it was all a military operation perhaps in cooperation with China’s 5th Column war to take down the USA. The CDC actually had the Public Relations firm for Pfizer/Moderna embed themselves inside the CDC. The CDC is a regulatory agency it is not supposed to be marketing the very things they are supposed to be regulating. But then they have been doing just that for all vaccines for decades and few complained. You never have the same entity in charge of promoting, distributing (that also owns patents) on vaccines also be in charge of safety - that is a recipe for disaster.

     It was an out-in-the-open fact that the NIH was funding Gain-of-Function research at the Wuhan lab [2]. In 2015, a paper was published, A SARS -like cluster of circulation bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence. This study clearly states that the authors conducted Gain-of-Function research on bat coronaviruses in order to make them infectious to primary human airway epithelial cells. Ralph Baric (University North Carolina) and colleague, Zhengli-Li Shi were very much engineering the CoV2 virus in Wuhan to make sure that virus was highly infectious to humans. So, literally everything that came out of Fauci’s mouth and the rest of the government was gas-lighting.

     Western Civilization, was targeted for destruction and subjected to an intense propaganda campaign to create a permanent global government, but beneath the Psy-Op a spiritual war. Not being tangential here, but one can’t ignore these Macro disease issues - the spiritual sickness component of all this and expect to understand the Micro disease issues, such as how does one deal with the myocarditis the bioweapon causes. Part of this spiritual war is to destroy the experiment called the USA - a Constitutional Republic where rights were given by God. That doesn’t work for the imperialistic New World Order group. The USA was always the thorn in their side and had to be destroyed and they got very far along in doing so, too far it seems. Gates and Zuckerberg have poured in millions upon millions into the public education system in the USA but students have only been getting dumber and dumber, so one has to assume all that money was not to improve education but destroy it. You don’t want your future slaves to be educated - indoctrinated absolutely - but not educated. The dumbing down of Americans was by design.

     Nature, the creative spark of life, is an anathema to this group of misanthropes who pretend they care about the environment. We are just useless eaters and bottom-feeders to them to be exploited and killed, but humanity must know the enemy to end this. If we don’t’ face this head-on then Pharma will take over the world and will make sure, for example, you can’t travel if you are over 14 and not taking a statin drug.

     It was easy to lose faith in humanity when it was so obvious millions were being encouraged to illegally come to the USA (weaponized immigration) and bring one of the bio-weapons being used to destroy us from the inside. Not CoV2 but Fentanyl. Because journalists (the legacy press), was captured and carried water for these enemies and traitors, the failsafe that would have prevented all this was removed. Without the media CoV2 would have just been another flu like illness that primarily affected the elderly and those with multiple co-morbidities. Remember how the flu completely disappeared in 2020? The media truly was the virus and also made sure you didn’t know the USA was being invaded as policy - globalist United Nations policy.

     Yet, the flu never disappeared it was just called COVID to juice the numbers in a case-demic extraordinaire (PCR tests cycled so high clean swabs would be positive). We actually saw our hospitals become de facto euthanasia factories inappropriately putting patients on ventilators and pumping them full of the deadly drug Remdesivir (what nurses called “Run-Your-Death-is Near”). I always wondered if all the videos of dancing nurses was their way of telling the public that hospitals were not being overwhelmed with COVID patients. But there was no science supporting the use of Remdesivir and it was well known as a deadly drug that was killing Ebola victims in a drug trial and its use was halted. But the regulatory gatekeepers were all compromised, fired or had resigned in disgust. The hospitals received a 20% payment bonus if they used the drug. A $500,000 hospital bill would generate an extra $150,000 if Remdesivir was used. Putting a patient on a ventilator earned the hospital $40,000. A lot of money to help hospitals make choices about priorities (wink, wink).

     Media organizations played a central role, especially Big Tech IT companies, in stifling anything that wasn’t the approved narrative. Mainstream scientists, many leading experts in their field, working in prestigious institutions, and some medical journal editors themselves were all silenced, while others were paid off. Where was all the billions coming from to create fabricated research critical of effective early interventions such as hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Ivermectin? How much did the New England Journal of Medicine and Lancet get from FTX (the criminal crypto group) to publish articles so obviously flawed they would have been the cause of expulsion from any academic center that still had any integrity. FTX was critical in funding the attacks on effective early interventions with the resultant loss of life.

     FTX, backed by elite investors like BlackRock (Rockefeller Foundation) and Sequoia Capital, rapidly became one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world… laundering and stealing investor funds to bankroll the Neo-Con proxy war in Ukraine, and the Democrat party to name two pet projects. Laundering money to the “right” people, Bankman-Fried had Wall Street and the media in his pocket while he practiced effective altruism (aka deceit that makes one look like a moral leader). But it was just another Ponzi scheme that was funding favorite New World Order players. It happened right out in the open. Bankman-Fried’s mother was apparently responsible for running major voter harvesting operations in the 2020 election, so the FTX group was a critical component of a fraudulent government and its fraudulent economy. Yet, maybe FTX’s implosion was all part of a bigger scam to allow a centrally controlled digital currency to come to the fore.

     Wonder why it was so important to keep the conflict in Ukraine going with no efforts at peace negotiations? Yeah, it was a money laundering operation and they never wanted it to end even if the end was an all-out nuclear holocaust. Few knew Ukraine was the playground for the dark ones - the local population didn’t know any more than USA citizens knew their country is actually the headquarters of the dark ones and that our Constitutional Republic vanished years ago. Drug trafficking, sex trade, organ harvesting, etc. all taking place in Ukraine without any interference until the Russian invasion. Just an aside… don’t invest with anyone who looks and smells like they can’t afford a bar of soap.


     Decades of pandemic preparedness protocols were trashed so a psychotic, pip-squeak, criminal mastermind could enrich himself, and his loyal following (loyal because he controlled their NIH grants). It seems, based on the FOIA documents Fauci may have been telling the CIA what to do not the other way around. We were literally in the middle of a Godfather movie, but it wasn’t Don Corleone calling the shots but dog torturer, vivisectionist, Don “I am the Science.” There was some truth to that statement though, because this one man literally was the point man for distributing $10’s of billions of dollars to academic and research institutions throughout the world, so he had almost complete control of the “science.” This was a very dark, pernicious situation, for example, if a research team finds out that it is very dangerous to inject vaccines that contain aluminum (80% of vaccines contain aluminum) that research team will be defunded and journals will be told not to print their research papers.

     Eighty-six percent of the world was shut down for an infection that had a 0.035% mortality from 0 to 59 years of age, 0.095% mortality for the post 60 set [3]. If you are younger than 20 the fatality rate was 0.0003%. Clearly, this is below fatality rates from the flu and yet this was the emergency that allowed them to bypass safety studies and force/coerce people to get an experimental injections that had never been used before and lie about what they would do. They even lied about saying the “vaccine” would prevent transmission and infection and of course was safe and effective as they say all vaccines are…safe and effective became an indoctrination mantra. Most vaccines do not have adequate safety studies despite what we have all been led to believe. This was not just regulatory maleficence - this was about trashing the U.S. Constitution and murdering as many as possible in the process.

     The median/mean age of death from COVID holds steady at 82 years of age. Seventy percent of the mortality in the USA were in the elderly with six or more underlying medical conditions. If it were not going to be COVID it would have been something else as they were already beyond the average life expectancy. Over the last three years no healthy child in the USA died from a CoV2 infection… not a single healthy child.

     Well, we weren’t supposed to be alive to discuss any of this, but the criminal “reset” plan failed out of the starting gate because CoV2 was supposed to have killed billions and the jab was supposed to finish off as many survivors as possible. Too many people were left alive asking inconvenient questions. One of the few true responsibilities of a government is to protect the integrity of the nation’s border, but the so-called “open border” was intended to bring in a replacement population, because the rest of us were supposed to be already dead or dying.

If you can’t define the enemy you can’t defeat your enemy

     One of the things that makes fleshing out these events important is medicine as we have known it will not survive - the population is losing and will soon lose completely any trust in Public Health institutions and modern medicine in general, and that trust won’t be coming back any time soon nor should it. Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) was destroyed during the last few years and public health decisions were being made on plausibility, as in how much money is it plausible to make if we force deadly injections on the public that don’t even work and lock them down?

     Modern medicine decided to follow a dark agenda and became a dark influence. While COVID may have been a Hail Mary for the dying paradigm of the Bio-Military-Pharmaceutical complex to maintain control it still caused a lot of death and suffering. They will try and regroup if we don’t all wake-up. I will assume that post financial collapse the money to fund many of these shenanigans just won’t be there to fuel the murder. The lockdown fetishism imposed on us was an import from China as part of their 5th column attack to destroy our economy, but it was also the agenda of the NWO/WEF set.

     Human history has been replete with invasions, attacks, trade wars, etc. It seems like raging war on each other was chosen to be the primary operational paradigm on this planet. For the most part they were driven by the need to eat, have land to grow food, trade routes, etc. I am not assigning blame and after all it was the crucible of our modern civilization, which I have to say has not turned out so well. Today, war is machine - unending on anything and everything be it COVID, drugs, terrorism, Afghanistan - it doesn’t matter. The population is never told the real reasons for war, which is to wash money out of our hands and into the hands of this group of dark elites. So, war is never over, there is always another and it never stops.

     Alexander the Great wanted to take over the world, but even he wouldn’t recognize modern war even though he was a one-man wrecking crew. Even the Roman Empire was less about cruelty, power and greed than what human kind now experiences. In the 1200s CE, the Mongol hoard pieced together the largest contagious empire the world had ever seen and unlike the plethora of wars that preceded it, this was being driven by power, cruelty, brutality without honor and greed. Energetically, Earth was being beset upon by a dark energy that was not home grown, it was only present because there were enough humans who held these negative traits for this energy to become interested in feeding off of them and the havoc they could reap. The generation of fear is key to its survival or presence on this planet - fear (the opposite of love) is the gasoline this dark force runs on.

     What does any of this ancient esoterica have to do with what we are experiencing today where the USA government, the largest empire in modern times, has become vicious, incompetent, utterly corrupt and under the control of agendas pushed from elsewhere.

They know they are lying; we know they are lying; they know we know they are lying

     The Southern border of the USA was in full operational control by traitors inside the USA and that control was to keep the boarder wide open and lie about it - it is a weaponized invasion. The American people didn’t understand their country had been taken over. Since it seems politicians lie and can’t stop themselves from lying, the public lost the ability to know big lies from small lies - call it some kind of desensitization but it produced an apathy that only empowered the cabal. Institutionalized lying is a major factor that enables LIERS-IN-CHIEF to carry out their illegal, immoral and criminal practices of institutionalized discrimination, retaliation, defamation, and intellectual harassment.

     Deception is the modus operandi of the dark ones, which is why free speech had to be eliminated in their playbook. Puppets are never told the true reasons for doing what they are doing, only the upper tier of puppets are made privy to some of this information. For example, the CIA hitman who murdered Marylin Monroe was told she was sleeping with Castro and leaking to him things JFK had whispered to her under the sheets. Normand Hodges said he carried out 37 assassinations for the USA between 1959-1972.

Follow the Money

     Jumping ahead in this story to address one of the top puppets, Peter Daszak, who is a perfect example of how this dark energy turns the like-minded into its puppets. Can you believe that a scientist funded by the U.S. government could possibly create a virus on purpose to release it and then hype up a resulting infectious disease crisis all for profit and power? Daszak’s Eco-Health Alliance was essentially a front group for a faction of the CIA.

     “Daszak reiterated that, until an infectious disease crisis is very real, present, and at an emergency threshold, it is often largely ignored. To sustain the funding base beyond the crisis, he said, we need to increase public understanding of the need for MCMs (medical countermeasures) such as a pan-influenza or pan-coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media, and the economics follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of process, Daszak stated.”

     The above paragraph is from page 73 of Rapid Medical Countermeasure Response to Infectious Diseases: Enabling Sustainable Capabilities Through Ongoing Public and Private-Sector Partnerships - published by the National Academy of Sciences in 2016 [4].

How did we get here?

     We know so little about the true history of mankind on this planet - the great civilizations that have waxed and waned long before recorded modern history [5]. Regardless of the time or place, oligarchs of the civilizations that we do know about have been obsessed with over-population going back to at least the days of Plato (Plato [De republica, V] and Aristotle [De republica, II, vi]). While, there are some areas on the planet that have too many humans in the same space or in the wrong place, over-population itself is a myth perpetuated to help the ruling class maintain control - it is about wealth transfer. Even though most of humanity is not aware of the full extent of what has been going on, open war has been declared by those who want to repress and command with the purpose of keeping the rest of us unconscious, keep us from being inquiring beings, keep us from knowing how strong the human spirit is or exploring what we are capable of becoming. This is the emotional grid they want to impose. They want to keep us small, controlled so they can feed off of our assets and energies. They are literally deranged fools whose minds have been warped by their greed and the covenant they have made with forces that have always lied to them and continue to lie to them. This struggle is not new and is addressed in fable and parable by many of the world’s ancient texts, but this is not speculation of what has happened in the far past, this is about what is happening now and why.

Lose your Spirit and you have lost everything … Lionel Richi (singer/song writer)

     It is problematic that humans think they are nothing more than evolved mammalian primates (apes). Yes, those are the bodies we use, but we are spiritual beings having a human experience, not just naked apes that aspire to be spiritual. Spirit is not the enthusiasm you have for your local high school football team. It would behoove us all to try and understand what spirit is because there have been those trying to kill you for having one. There are juicy energies and powers connected with being human - a subject humans are almost completely unaware; however, there are those who know about these hidden features of the human experience and want those energies and powers for themselves. Without belaboring the point, tyranny can only be imposed if the population believes they are nothing more than their animal bodies limited to their five senses. Tyranny runs on fear and it is much harder to scare someone who is not completely tied to what their five senses tell them reality is all about. Tyranny cannot exist where there is freedom of speech so it is really easy to tell who the “bad” guys are…they censor and don’t want freedom of speech.

Where this Timeline starts

     In a timeline that starts in 1933, although the darkness got its foothold long before that, a group of bankers hatched a plot to replace U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt with someone who was more in line with these entrenched institutions and the systemic ideologies that do not want democracies to exist. These dark ones were still drunk on their success from being able to create the Federal Reserve. There was no coup d’état because their point man, retired Marine Corps General Smedley Butler, betrayed them. So, the banking cabal shifted all their attention to Germany.

     That same year the Public Health Service of the USA began its infamous Tuskegee Experiment on poor black males in Alabama. An experiment that lasted 40 years, and only ended in 1972 because of a leak to the press. Under the guise of receiving free health care, the victims were watched to see what the ravages of syphilis would do to them and their families. No Nuremberg trial held, no accountability - but if you are an American apparently, it’s okay to say you were just following orders if caught and it’s all mea culpa and asking for amnesty.

     The lessons of the last century have not been completely understood, and now humanity is in that awkward place where there is a reckoning with these poorly understood experiences that have been swept under the rug. However, the rug is now gone and it would behoove the world to recognize the players of our immediate past for who they really were. For example, Adolf Hitler was probably the greatest teacher of hate the 20th century had ever seen. Intolerance was intense in the western world a century ago, and he filled the calling others had prepared for someone with this intention and influence. He had other options for his life, which he closed down early.

     Bringing up Hitler or suggesting we are unduly influenced by energies we can’t perceive - many will just tune out, but that is merely a reflection of how indoctrinated we have all become. Indoctrinated by negative energies that have kept us trapped for millennia in deception, delusion, fear and wars, and part of that indoctrination was to convince us we were powerless to change any of this. Rather sad that the megalomanic leading this was again a German national, Klaus Schwab. One would have thought we were done with that part of our history.

     In one sentence this is what WW II was about…Hitler, like Schwab, was merely a tool for large international corporations and banks that were funding him to implement a top-down feudal economy in Europe that would hopefully expand worldwide and reign for a 1000 years or as long as they had the slaves to feed into the system. Yet, their tool became too unstable, too unpredictable and too uncontrollable as he tried to take over the entire planet. The globalists were still able to use him as a pretext for the NATO/European Union (EU) paradigm to control Europe. Now, with both the inspiration for Hitler and much of his financial support coming from inside the USA, it was no surprise that Operation Paperclip brought so many Nazi scientists and technocrats to the USA after the kinetic war was completed (~30,000 Nazis). The American Nazis; although, they did not call themselves Nazis, brought their assets back while Hitler himself, a deletant compared to the fools who have made war against us today, was allowed to retire to South America [6].

     The eugenicists in America (and to some extent England) were a great influence and inspiration to the Nazi regime and in fact it was a part of the defense used in the Nuremberg trials to justify the programs they implemented. But there were other influencers as well, and they may still be present today. The upper tier of Nazidom were deeply into the dark side of occult esoterica. The swastika itself was an ancient symbol of the universe so what the Nazi’s did was use that symbol rotating to the left or counter-clockwise - a symbol of a devolving universe, not an evolving universe shown when it rotates to the right [7].

     This symbol drew in those worldwide who knew what it meant (rotating counter clockwise), which is why, for example, dead Tibetans were reported to have been found among the casualties in WW II… sorcerers perhaps enlisted to help with dark rituals. Rituals are really important to the puppets of darkness as it provides them with a sense of power. They are now flaunting some of their rituals in the open, just to name three - the weird closing Olympic ceremony in London 2012, which heralded a plague that would put many in hospital [8]. In late 2021, the rapper Travis Scott’s Astroworld performance was not only overtly satanic but murders (human sacrifices?) took place during the performance. In 2022, the overtly satanic advertisements of Balenciaga.

     It would surprise many to find out just who these puppets of darkness have been and currently are. For example, Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State, was celebrated when she passed in 2022, despite being a mass murderer. She publicly announced the sanctions that were imposed on Iraq that killed over half a million children were worth it. Research who has attended the ceremonies at Bohemian Grove (Northern California) where they worship the false deity Molech, and you may be surprised [9]. Then there is the Bilderberg/Davos group and their High Priests (that is literally what they call themselves) - a smarmier group of international corporate scum and villainy you will never find. The World Economic Forum (WEF) is just a front group for these power crazed psychopaths who draw into their circle those who are in synch with them (the Law of Attraction), and they may not all be human, which is almost a guarantee.

     Consider the possibility that we are part of a universe replete with life and intelligences of all types and strips be they seen or unseen - trillions upon trillions of conscious beings to a greater or lesser degree. It is regrettable that humans are so unaware, and so misinformed about our participation in the cosmos and we are even less aware of non-humans in the affairs of our lives and our planet. Some seem to be divinely angelic; some are more like predatory parasites.

     As questionable as the influence of these low vibrational “others” might be, they probably weren’t responsible for the descent of certain governments into satanic, murderous, pedophile networks used to control and manipulate those that entered the halls of power. Pedophilia is the sick glue that holds their system together. The dark ones know children, especially young children, are closer to Source and by defiling them, by being brutal and cruel one is showing God that you are a counterion - an angry counterion. Why would you want to show God you are an angry counterion? Seems counter-intuitive, but foolish humans believed the promises made to them about personal power and wealth, so for the weak minded… that apparently is all it takes, an unfortunately there are many with weak minds.

     This is beyond mere corruption; world governments had been bled out from the inside by these global predators. In fact, international banks, working with Pfizer, successfully executed a planetary coup against the nation-state. Pfizer is the most criminally fined corporation in America that admitted in front of the EU that they never tested the COVID injection to see if it would stop transmission or infection. Of course now we know it doesn’t.

     One of the predators, who actually was and may never have stopped being a Nazi is global financier and convicted felon George Soros [10]. His plan, which is shared by many in these elite circles, was to shut down every part of the economy in the first world, and de-industrialize the USA. The collapsing borders, super-inflation, total elimination of fossil fuels (unless it comes from perhaps British Petroleum or those in league with the globalists), and collapse of the world food supply (mass starvation). All this so a corporate UN coordinated world government can come in and act as saviors. It is a decarbonizing agenda, an anti-terraforming religion where carbon dioxide will be removed from the atmosphere in the name of being Green. Green was intended to be the new anti-human, anti-science religion used to isolate, control and eventually eliminate as much as 80% of the human population on the planet, for the carbon they really want to remove is us. If Green were really “Green” why are we outsourcing our energy needs to China where slaves are many and human rights are few. Those batteries for electric cars require cobalt mined by exploited African children. Who do you think are making all those Chinese solar panels (yes, they make most of them)? How about a million Uyghur Muslim slaves incarcerated because of their religion - at least until someone with money needs an organ that matches one of the slaves, be they Muslim or Fallon Gong practitioners. It’s called Green Washing or environmental virtue signaling.

     By 2026, there will be more than three Chinese males for every female aged 15-29, thanks to their policy of sex-selective abortion. The Chinese gender gap is fueling the trafficking of poor women, who are being kidnapped or lured into China and forced to be prostitutes or slave-brides. This is an unspoken driver of Chinese policy.

     A massive global death cult has been lurking for decades for the moment to strike. They actually believe(d) they could transcend carbon-based life and have their consciousness transferred to some silicon-based life-form. In the short term, their plan is to neutralize the USA with a civil war/economic collapse while China takes over the South China Sea including Taiwan.

     Whether you personally believe in malevolence, Satan [11] or nasty inter-dimensionals is your choice, but the globalists believe in them and most have sold their proverbial souls [12] for something they already had and now they have created a covenant with the losing team. The weird thing is on some level they know it, but can’t stop themselves so they push forward with their deranged game plans to create a transhuman world where most humans have been eliminated and they want this all to happen by 2030 according to their own published agenda [13].

     A world that will be free of poverty and hunger because we won’t be in it, but those who remain will own nothing, be happy and eat bugs - again, this plan has been cooking for the last century. The globalists’ desire to be top dogs on a prison planet is so intense their wish may actually be granted, but not on this Earth. That seems to be the way a benevolent universe works, you get what you want, eventually, but it may not be exactly how you planned it out. Be that as it may, there also seems to be a lot of malevolence tolerated at certain levels and layers of our reality undoubtedly to stir the evolutionary pot for the benefit of all. Nevertheless, what goes around comes around, so if true, you don’t trade your future for temporary misuse of power as seductive as it may be. It is a poor choice, but some insist on learning the hard way, yet even in their insanity, the lessons they offer benefit the whole.

Medical Tyranny and Soft Kill weapons

     Fluoride seems to have been the first foray into medical tyranny to control populations. The historical use of fluoride for behavior control probably started in the Soviet gulags in the 1930’s but Nazi Germany was quick to apply same in their prison camps as the mineral makes humans apathetic and easy to dominate - stupid and docile. The propaganda campaign in the USA was so convincing that fluoride was essential for preventing tooth decay that anyone who questioned its use in the water supply, even though fluoride is more poisonous than lead, was considered a nut case. The book The Fluoride Deception is well researched and goes over this in detail [14].

     The practice and paradigm of fluoridating municipal drinking water demonstrated that the public would accept drinking poison if the government insisted it was a public health measure being done for the benefit of citizen’s well-being - “Fur Ihre Sicherheit” - it’s for your safety a common Nazi reframe. This poison is still universally defended by the dentists who will willingly put the most poisonous non-radioactive element on the periodic table in your mouth, mercury amalgam fillings, and call it silver. The mercury is constantly leeching out and you breathe it in and swallow it too.

     During WW II, the biowarfare activities of the Japanese were particularly atrocious. As many as 3000 allied troops lost their lives in places such as the infamous Unit 731 testing biologics and untold number of civilians when these agents were released in Asia. The USA covertly granted the scientists involved immunity not unlike Operation Paper Clip [15].

     Blame it on the fluoridated water, but we have allowed ourselves to be experimented on far too easily and without holding anyone accountable. There is no freedom without accountability. In 1950, the U.S. Army sprayed the bacteria serratia marcescens in San Francisco from a boat(s) in the bay - Operation Sea Spray and continued till 1969. There was at least one documented death from the infections that followed.

     Infantile paralysis or polio didn’t exist until the heavy use of various pesticides the most notable being DDT, which is required to weaken the immune system so a previously benign stomach virus could start causing paralysis. But the government had encouraged and required the liberal use of DDT, and it was used everywhere and on almost everything (still is in certain parts of the world). Nevertheless, a virus and only a virus would be blamed for what was actually an illness caused by a pesticide or else there would be great liability to both the government and industry. So fear of a virus was ginned up - sound familiar? The mass vaccination campaign (Polio) initially gave 98 million Americans a retrovirus infection, a simian virus (SV40), now known to be causally related to several types of cancer. Now it seems genetic sequences from SV40 are in the mRNA bioweapon for COVID.

     Don’t misunderstand what is written here… an enterovirus causes the illness but it needs a toxic co-factor in most cases. If the truth of the toxic cause of polio was known, and the government held accountable for infecting millions with a cancer-causing retrovirus, we would not be where we are today. The first mass vaccination program for polio in the USA, now called the Cutter Incident, gave 200,000 children polio. To convince the public the polio vaccine program was working, the definition of polio was changed so that one had to be paralyzed for at least 60 days to be classified as polio - most cases resolved before 60 days and of course they knew that. It made the vaccine look very effective. Today, the definition of what is a vaccine has been redefined to accommodate a hard to sell, problematic gene-transfer therapy that makes the human body create a pathogenic protein (forever in some people), potentially sterilize [16] many recipients and inflame their hearts [17]. Make the human body produce a pathogenic spike protein - what could go wrong?

     Oh, and the definition of “Gain-of-Function” was changed as well, so the reader can decide if that made Dr. Fauci look any more credible. Especially, when it was found he wanted EcoHealth Alliance to spray more virulent corona virus in Wuhan caves to infect the local population (the Pentagon refused to fund the project - maybe because it was an act of war?) [18].

Made in the USA

     By masking biowarfare programs as public health measure producing vaccines these fools were able to get around restrictions. The Department of Defense (DoD)/DARPA admitted to operating 46 biolabs in Ukraine, for public health of course - but pay no attention to the fact we operate these labs all over the world…. “we are the good guys.” In 2012, DARPA developed their ADEPT:PROTECT project that would use gene-encoded vaccines to stop a pandemic (they would create?). There was no WARP speed program - they had already been working on this for ten years before Trump announced WARP speed. Moderna got its first contract in 2013, but it was the DoD that came up with the idea of mRNA vaccines - this whole thing has been a military operation from the get go. By 2015, the peer reviewed literature had articles announcing the enhanced CoV2 was ready to be used (on the human population). It was never a China-virus, the Wuhan lab was just enhancing what was created in the USA. With the first week thousands of pregnant women were taking this vaccine. Never have we given experimental vaccines to pregnant women and in the past medicine went out of its way to protect pregnant women from as much as possible and certainly not interventions that would upset their immune systems, but medicine was now neutered - only Pharmakeia existed and was in full control.

     The polio outbreak showed that you could herd the sheep (humans in this case) into a slaughter house if there was an invisible enemy and a virus is perfect for that because one can use fear to get populations to turn to their government to protect them from this invisible enemy. If you have control of the media, you can also implement a divide & conquer strategy, so if you can turn men against women, blacks against whites, heterosexuals against the LGBQTs, established populations against imported immigrants by the millions - all of that causes people to turn to their governments for interventions. Do you think those funding Critical Race Theory to Drag Queen Story-Time want harmony? No, they want culture wars and civil wars.

     In the USA, if one disagreed with the narrative the media, the Department of Justice or FBI would label that individual either a domestic terrorist or white supremacist/racist regardless of their skin color. It was part of the plan to blame the destruction of the USA on white supremacists, but ponder this one example - the City of Oakland California is deeply beset with crime and violence, but I would challenge you to find even one white supremist in Oakland. Those behind the tyrannical cult we have been subjected to are not super-intelligent, but few realize they get their power from public acquiescence whose perceptions they have to control. Yes, the cult has a lot of financial resources and many deluded minions who will blindly do their bidding, but they are weak - only the weak censor. The censorship was a desperate move to control perceptions. But the censorship surrounding COVID killed tens of thousands.

     So, with a virus, you can stop people from gathering, organizing and if you can digitize a population, you can control who is talking to whom and where. If you can get people to school online or do their work online the government can listen to everything everyone is saying and writing and buying. The excuse is that it is Fur Ihre Sicherheit to protect against the invisible enemy. It also keeps people lonely, isolated, and depressed. People will buy into solutions before they know anything about the consequences of that solution, so you can mandate lockdowns without proper science supporting same, injections that have not been adequately tested, or vaccines that are known to cause harm for the greater good of someone’s bottom-line.

Infectious Disease Skullduggery

     This is not a comprehensive tome of infectious disease skullduggery, but in 1955 it has been reported that the CIA conducted an open-air biological warfare experiment near Tampa, Florida and environs with the Pertussis bacteria. It was alleged that the nasty endeavor tripled the whooping cough infections in Florida to over one-thousand cases and caused whooping cough deaths in the state to increase 12-fold over the previous year [19].

     In 1966, the U.S. Army released Bacillus globigii into the tunnels of the New York City Subway system, as part of a field experiment called A Study of the Vulnerability of Subway Passengers in New York City to Covert Attack with Biological Agents. The Chicago subway system was also subject to a similar experiment by the Army [20].

Bacillus globigii was used to simulate an attack with anthrax, but as it turned out, now we know this bacteria is a human pathogen [21].

     The USA government conducted many radiation experiments on the unwary, MKULTRA drug experiments on the unknowing, torture experiments on the incarcerated, but again…this is not meant to be a comprehensive list. By the time U.S. President Eisenhower left office with his infamous speech beware the “military-industrial-complex” we were being lead into unending military conflicts, often initiated by false flag events such as the Gulf of Tonkin incident that was used to start the Vietnam war.

Men in Black

     In the 1950s, the CIA had split into two factions. The western faction was almost exclusively in control of anything that had to do with ETs - I don’t mention this to be sensational. In the years that followed the military-industrial paradigm evolved and became inclusive of many multinational corporations, investment houses and banks, which benefited from this arrangement leading to where we have massive corporate interests, such as Black Rock/Vanguard, which span the globe and whose shareholder-ships are networked among a very small oligarch class.

     While President Roosevelt avoided a coup, President John F Kennedy did not, and was assassinated (1963) in a coordinated plot managed by the CIA’s E. Howard Hunt. Lyndon B. Johnson was Vice-President and was fully aware of the planned elimination of JFK as was the infamous director of the FBI, J Edgar Hoover. Apparently, America decided to explore the dark side and so begin unending wars and skullduggery around the globe. But I doubt this could have been possible without the cooperation of the press in covering up the facts of the event. Why was Kennedy assassinated?

     Kennedy wanted the USA back on the gold standard, he wanted the CIA dismantled, he never wanted the USA to get entangled in Viet Nam. Unbeknownst to Kennedy, the CIA had become far more than the “CIA” they were literally the Men in Black in matters extraterrestrial and if the CIA was threatened it also threatened the cover being used in such matters and the monopoly of information the CIA had on this information. Kennedy had a vision for the space program, but his vison was not shared by those using NASA as a front organization for their secret space program (they were back engineering crashed vehicles probably with the help of low-vibrational ETs, but that is speculation). Just days before his murder, Kennedy signed an agreement with Kurschev to cooperate on moon exploration and signed an executive order requesting the CIA share what they knew about UFO’s to make sure there were no accidents from confusing UFOs with an aggressive act by either side. The CIA had no intention of sharing anything with anyone and certainly wasn’t going to let the chief executive tell them what to do even if that meant making him “wet.”

     Meanwhile, the secret biowarfare facility located on Plum Island off the coast of Connecticut was developing an enhanced version of the Borrelia bacteria (Lyme disease) under the directorship of former German SS-officer and microbiologist Eric Traub - Gain of Function research. This organism with increased virulence now infects 20% of the world’s population. Be that as it may, the virulence of the organism was not robust enough for the globalists.

     The fall-guy set-up to take the blame for the JFK assassination was CIA asset Lee Harvey Oswald, who strangely enough was mixed up in a virus gain-of-function program for the purpose of developing a weapon that would kill Fidel Castro. Oswald knew too much and was expendable, so he was a convenient “patsy.” Mary Sherman, the scientist running the program, was murdered. It is still speculation whether there was a link to this apparent effort to create a deadly virus and the subsequent identification and possible enhancement of the HIV virus.

     Maurice Hillerman, one of the world’s most prominent virologists of his time and a Vice President of Merck, was recorded boasting, “So we brought African Greens in and I didn't know we were importing the AIDS virus at the time.” Merck switched from Indian rhesus to green monkeys because the rhesus monkey were full of retroviruses including SV40. Was HIV just due to sloppy virology, or was HIV, once identified, manipulated and chosen as a bioweapon. A weapon that must have been a big disappointment as it took far too long to kill its victims. Intentional or not, in all likelihood it was introduced in the USA via the Hepatitis B vaccine trials that exclusively recruited gay men in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The bottom-line is that vaccineologists in the 20th century were creating invasive medical interventions with no clue as to what they were doing and as a result murdered many. Or did they know what they were doing?

     The situation in Africa is a little less clear, starting in 1957 [22], oral polio vaccines were administered by the Wistar Institute and given to “hundreds of thousands of Africans.” As with almost all vaccines there was no follow-up. The FDA has archived vaccines from that period and if they forensically looked at them to see if HIV was present, they have not told anyone. That would eliminate the conspiracy theories, but it would also implicate the whole vaccine program as a very problematic, unethical and sloppy endeavor to say the least.

     Big Pharma, in the USA, was able to get unconditional liability protection from lawsuits related to adverse events from their vaccines in 1986. Safety was no longer their concern as the responsibility of vaccine safety was now the responsibility of the U.S. Government. So, there was an explosion of vaccines required for children, and a mysterious increase in sudden infant death syndrome, chronic health conditions and a formerly rare neurological disorder called autism. Autism is a post-vaccination encephalitis but the connection between vaccines, mercury, aluminum (found in ~ 80% of vaccines at toxic levels), acetaminophen and autism was deliberately covered up by agencies of the U.S. Government. When the CDC had the objective data the vaccines were connected to autism their response was to shred the data. A high-level whistleblower came forward and disclosed this but no one in government did anything - no hearings, no investigation - nothing. This was the subject of the documentary “Vaxxed.”

     Big Pharma was already well on their way to capturing regulatory agencies and politicians. No one in the upper echelons of government would dare reveal what they knew, and they never did; however, that silence empowered the eugenics cult. The U.S. Government never met their obligations under the 1986 Vaccine Act and ignored all safety issues even as they pushed the mantra, “Safe & Effective” so that by the time CoV2 showed up the population was good and indoctrinated. Health & Human Services (HHS) already had decades of blowing off their responsibilities for vaccine safety and few seemed to care.

     SARS -1, the predecessor to SARS-2 (CoV2) arrived on the scene in 2002, and in all likelihood was a test run. The reason one does not here about it anymore is that is has no natural host, and therefore not in circulation. If there is no natural host, then where did it come from? Is there wet market in the Wuhan virology lab? CoV2 was a made in the USA, but was sent to the Wuhan Virology Lab for enhancements that became illegal to do in the U.S.

     There is strong circumstantial evidence that A/H1N1, the so-called novel Mexican Swine flu event of 2009 was neither Mexican nor novel, but a genetically engineered creation from the USA. The virus included genetic bits of North American human, avian and swine flus and Eurasian swine flu —the virus had not been detected in any pigs except those in a single herd in Canada [23]. A variant of A/H1N1 broke out in India in 2015, but has apparently not been a player since. No natural host.

     Had there been a sincere and honest attempt to flesh out the origins of these viruses, again we would not be where we are today. While A/H1N1 was very infectious, the virus was no more problematic than the normal flu virus and has vanished. It may have just been a test run for a future release.

     The destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11, was another coup d’état this time by the NeoCon faction of the New World Order set. It greatly empowered them to have been able to get away with that event. Firing a missile into the Pentagon, but telling everyone it was a 757 jet, the overt demolishing of WTC 7 (no plane hit this building), and clear evidence WTC 1 & 2 were demolished. It was carried off by traitors within the USA in conjunction with several middle eastern countries. Much could be said here about the horrors unleashed post-coup d’état, but no one in officialdom would dare speak the obvious truths. It really set the stage for what would be coming soon enough. And what was that?… the continued NeoCon agenda to take over Eastern Europe (in violation of the agreement made with Gorbachev that there would be no expansion into Eastern Europe [by NATO] if the Warsaw Pact was dissolved).

     The attempt to scare the world with the Zika virus was a really big flop. They would not make that mistake again. So quick to blame a relatively benign virus for the clusters of microcephaly in Brazil. However, too many found out fairly quickly that the pocket of mothers in Brazil who gave birth to children with microcephaly were vaccinated with DTP while pregnant and while drinking larvicide laden tap water at the same time. So, that attempt to scare the world had to be shut down immediately because a vaccine was clearly implicated. At the same time a sentinel paper was published - a retrospective look (using matched controls) at 30 years of DPT use in Africa showing in increased overall mortality 10-fold, so it was very important to shut down any interest in looking at the safety and efficacy of the DPT [24].

     Which brings us to CoV2, and the announcement by Dr. Fauci in 2017, that a surprise outbreak was imminent. The plot was apparently hatched as far back as 1999, at the University of North Carolina. In the subsequent years numerous white papers, such as SARS 2025-2028, [25] the pandemic war games, such as Event 201, [26] which were priming both the media and the public. Finally, they would have the event that would allow them to bring in their great reset of the world economy and cull the population at the same time. Key players in multiple governments had already been compromised, regulatory agencies had been captured, and Big Pharma along with Big Tech were in total control of conventional media outlets.

     Yet, CoV2 virus was not an infectious disease hellion. It took out the old and the infirm just like influenza does every year, so the hype had to go into overdrive, which the PCR tests accomplished cycled so high clean swabs would test positive. It was critical the number of deaths for CoV2 to be very high in order to generate the fear to justify what would come next. So, despite long standing rules for data collection and reporting, successfully used for years by all hospitals, medical examiners, coroners, and physicians, suddenly CDC changed the way they wanted deaths reported. Had they used the normal criteria the mortality figures would have had to be revised down 90%. The very people within government who might have sounded the alarm that we were being manipulated into a bio-security state based on false information were compromised as many of them would be able to earn millions of dollars from the licensing of the mRNA technology. It has been determined that almost half of all PCR results were false positives, which if nothing else calls into question the clinical trials used to validate the “vaccine.” [27] As an aside, we have never had a vaccine that makes the human body create a pathogen in a controlled way for an uncontrolled duration. The Spike protein is a significant pathogen - a loaded weapon if you will with no assurance it would control the outbreak.

     What happened next was 50 countries panicked and were cajoled into signing secret agreements with Pfizer essentially putting them into receivership in exchange for the injections and monetary assistance from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund [28]. An agreement to remain secret for 50 years. Any criticism of the injections or of Pfizer would be forbidden, Pfizer would not only direct the global response but also the response individual countries would have so a worldwide extermination system could be initiated. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) now under operational control of the Department of Defense (DoD) even asked a federal court to allow them 55 years to hold onto the data they relied on to give Emergency Use Authorization for the Pfizer injection. There can only be one reason for this request, and that is the FDA/DoD didn’t want anyone to see that the Pfizer data showed that at best, one would have to inject 22,000 people to potentially prevent one death. No need to point out the Wuhan A strain was no longer in circulation. I am also sure they didn’t want anyone to see that there were more deaths in the injected group than in the control group.

     The lack of early prevention and treatment protocols, and the persecution of anyone trying to treat COVID patients prior to hospitalization was not a form of treatment nihilism, it was a well-organized, well-funded conspiracy to make sure nothing would interfere with an injection rollout. Never have sick patients been turned away from hospitals and told to come back when their lips were blue.

     All the big players were deeply, corruptly and maliciously in bed with Pharma, so would lose billions if it were found off-patent drugs could treat COVID. The FDA, under the direction of the Department of Defense (DoD), illegally exercised emergency use powers, and was a willing ally in the suppression of treatments known to be effective against the virus, such as something as benign as vitamin D. In some countries physicians were arrested for prescribing Ivermectin. Then injections were illegally marketed to children as well after the FDA advisory panelist said "We're never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it," said panel member Dr. Eric Rubin. "That's just the way it goes." No Dr. Rubin… that is not the way it goes [29]. When you ignore safety, you tend to ignore whether the injection even works, and while the “science” is moving forward, unfortunately deluded technocrats were not [30]. The FDA stopped being a regulatory agency and became part of the other alphabet agencies to promote the “vaccine.” They saw their role was to get a needle in every arm, in everyone in every country - it was choreography to dance to the edicts of the DoD.

     Pfizer now had the power to silence governments, maximize profits and power. Military bases, National Parks - just a few of the items signed over [31]. Big Tech and Pharma had bled out multiple governments to create this giant one world government monster with Pfizer calling the shots - literally. The human infestation would be eliminated with the silent, obedient consent of governments around the world.

Original Antigenic Sin

     But there were problems. The injection was going to kill too many too fast (as intended) even though many of the injections were expired and ineffective (they were thawed for too long) and many blanks were shipped to many locations to mitigate the number of adverse events anticipated. Nevertheless, the body count increased as well hidden as those bodies may have been. They had to buffer the rollout of the injection because again it was supposed to have come on the scene after billions were already dead from CoV2 and few would be left to ask important questions.

     One question was why give a non-sterilizing vaccine to everyone possible in the middle of a pandemic…all that would do is prolong the length of illness by pumping out a multitude of variants, which is exactly what took place. They were called variants because they had a different spike protein than the one the injection was having the human body manufacture, and so the efficacy of the injections started falling into the single digits [32]. This was all predicted well in advance, but the injections were rushed for socio-political reasons not medical/scientific reasons. Compare and contrast what took place in Gibraltar vs. Africa.

     Africa, a heavy user of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) - taken by millions - by the end 2021, the vaccination rates in 20 African countries wasn’t even close to coming out of the single digits.

     Overall the African vaccination rate was around 6%, but for some reason the “experts” were mystified as to why there is so little COVID in Africa [33]. On the other hand, perhaps the most vaccinated country on the planet was Gibraltar where there is a 100%+ vaccination rate and yet cases of COVID were so high Christmas 2021, was canceled. Unintentionally, they proved boosters don’t work. In Singapore, with at 94% vaccination rate, cases and mortality spiked to record levels, and in Ireland, where 92% of the adult population is vaccinated, cases and mortality doubled [34]. England was the only country, worldwide, that seemed to keep accurate records of its deaths by vaccination status (at least for a while). The COVID vaccines used in England (mRNA & DNA vector vaccines Pfizer, Moderna, and Astrazenica) do not significantly reduce COVID mortality, but did result in greatly increased all-cause mortality [35]. Specifically in England, if you are under 60 and you get injected, you are twice as likely to die. As the months went by the mortality of the injected only increased.

     The mortality from COVID in an African country, such as Zaire was 0.6 per 100,000. Almost no one received the injection. In the USA the mortality was 1000 per 100,000. There should be no need to read one more word if you understand the obvious implications of that last sentence. Even before President Trump announced he had taken HCQ, the drug was disappearing and countries were removing it from over-the-counter status and requiring prescriptions. Someone didn’t want HCQ to be around, and studies were being conducted with near lethal doses of HCQ in late-stage patients (no zinc, no azithromycin) - it was as if someone deliberately wanted to destroy any chance HCQ might have to help treat COVID patients. Then perhaps one of the most momentous medical frauds in history took place - both the New England Journal of Medicine and the Lancet simultaneously published completely fabricated, fictional articles that concluded HCQ was not efficacious. What someone(s) had the power to fund fraudulent studies, compromise the world’s top medical journals, and then get the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to pull the emergency use authorization (EUA) for HCQ? Apparently, that was the FTX group. Even after the papers were retracted the FDA did not reinstate the EUA. This brings up the problem that there is no FDA - the DoD took over the FDA regarding all things COVID.

     However, those who successfully destroyed the possibility of using HCQ for COVID weren’t done - they went after Ivermectin, but not with the same success. First and foremost, data from 19 countries that participated in the World Health Organization (WHO) sponsored African Programmed for Onchocerciasis Control (APOC), from 1995 until 2015, were compared with thirty-five (Non-APOC) - in other words, APOC countries are on Ivermectin. That may be why they had almost a 30% lower mortality from COVID than non-APOC countries [36]. But what took place in India was even better. Two provinces took opposite stands. Tamal Nadu followed WHO recommendations and had the same dismal stats that the USA had, but Uttar Pradesh supplied Ivermectin to its population and 97% of the cases were eliminated. Uttar Pradesh has 2/3rds the population of the USA.

     Despite the data on Ivermectin, leaders from Australia to Austria actually believed the COVID injections worked and the unvaccinated were spreading CoV2 - they probably still believe it. Ignore the fact there are no unvaccinated in Gibraltar. Are these leaders psychotic or, following orders from the Fauci/Francis Collins/Gates/Bio-Pharmaceutical-Military complex? They wanted us to panic with each new variant, so they could continue to lock-down, take people to camps, and have the ability to inject humanity multiple times a year forever [37] …that was always the plan.

     This was not the greatest public health disaster the USA had ever seen; this was done on purpose but when events deviated from what was projected the cabal scrambled to salvage the situation as best they could. So, insane medical rituals that had no foundation in science or medicine were pushed - the less than worthless cloth masks, the quarantining of health asymptomatic adults and children, the meaningless six feet social distancing (the pulled that out of their rear-ends).

     Remember, those that expired were very old, fat and had multiple medical problems. There was never any credible reason to keep children from attending school and most lost two full years of education they will never be able to make up. Suicides increased, along with obesity and delays in treatment for medical problems that cost lives. The burden was on the poor who didn’t have jobs where they could work from home, while the elite rich got richer.

     It doesn’t take a degree in immunology to understand that if you occupy the body’s immune system making a spike protein that is no longer connected to the circulating variant, not only is the vaccine worthless, it perniciously lowers one’s ability to deal with the actual viral infection one may get in the real world, because one’s immune system is busy making antibodies to something that is not present and may be oblivious to an actual virus invading the body. The CoV2 infection has a very low risk of myocarditis, but it is there. The injection had the body make massive amounts of spike protein, and the amounts the injection was having the body make caused significant myopericarditis. The FDA actually asked that prospective studies be done but they were never done by manufacturers. One such study has the actual risk is about 2.8% or about 3 people out of every 100. Conservative estimates have the risk at 1:<2000 (for context the Swine flu vaccine from the late ‘70’s was pulled when it was found the risk of a neurological disorder Guillain-Barre was 1:100,000).

     The population continued to be told “Safe & Effective” and the usual “one in a million (side-effects).” There was 20 years of data showing corona viruses can cause heart disease, so one case of myocarditis should have shut the “vaccine” program down. But instead of pulling the vaccine the CDC went to work pushing the idea that the “vaccine” induced myocarditis was mild. It is just there is no such thing as mild myocarditis, in fact 20% of those that die within a day of receiving the “vaccine” have myocarditis [38]. There is only one solution…immediately end the worldwide vaccination program and try to help people repair their immune systems. But compromised, well-paid “experts” will never acknowledge this solution. There is just too much money to be made giving everyone more “vaccines.”

     Then there is this insane group-think that needs to be overcome, because there are people in government, medicine and academia that have been so indoctrinated that if something is a vaccine it is safe & effective - end of story - they shut out objective reality at all costs. Even the government’s own VAERS vaccine adverse event reporting system produced a massive death safety signal. VAERS recognized for under reporting adverse events by 99-fold still produced a massive death safety signal, but between the corruption and group think it was ignored.

     The response to this inconvenient data was to order people to get more and more worthless injections that would do nothing but cause side-effects. Yet the presence of so many un-injected showed how robust natural immunity is, still promoting natural immunity could put one on a terrorist watch list. They needed as many as possible to be injected as often as possible before the public became aware of the hidden sequalae of the injections. The control group had to be eliminated, or rounded up and terminated - at least that is what they wanted to happen.

     Obviously, this story is not over. On their way out the globalists will do whatever they think they can get away with to undermine and collapse civilization, including more bioweapons, they know their future is bleak and would sooner take as many with them as possible. But all stories end sooner or later, and when the story of the New World Order ends, it will look nothing like what its proponents had in mind. So, fight for freedom of knowledge, and in place of deceit, intolerance and prejudice fight for the possibilities of understanding, truth and acceptance. For that is the reality humanity is moving towards no matter how hard those who dish out their cruelties try and stop this change. Change is inevitable - it is the only Universal constant.