PriMera Scientific Surgical Research and Practice (ISSN: 2836-0028)


Volume 2 Issue 5


Sie Thu Myint*, Zin May Win and Thein Lwin

October 18, 2023


     Surgery is an ever developing and changing subject. Minimal assess surgery and enhanced recovery after surgery are evolving very quickly.

     Day by day, more techniques, more materials, new concepts, and updated guidelines are introduced.

     For a surgeon, diagnosis, decision making, pre-operative optimization, intraoperative care, operation and post-operative care are all very important in the patients’ journey. Patient safety and rapid recovery are the goals of the surgical care.

     For the patient safety, regular audits like mortality review, morbidity review, debriefing after patient care, training, etc. are all needed to improve.

     Trainees need not only principles and practice of surgery, and surgical skills but also non-technical skills to develop efficiently. International collaboration and co-operation are essential for the development of the surgical care.

     Continued medical education, mentoring, competency-based surgical training and non-technical skills for surgeons are being carried out in various forms.

     Surgical teams must be more productive, organized and upgraded.

     Journals are important for the development of surgery. Journals can help distribute the knowledge and information about the subject. Journals can act as a forum for exchanging scientific knowledge from various points of views. Journals are platforms for the papers regarding new developments in surgery. Journal reading clubs are essential part of surgical training.

     In conclusions, surgeons must focus not only on patient care but also on training of new generations.