PriMera Scientific Surgical Research and Practice (ISSN: 2836-0028)

Research Article

Volume 2 Issue 2

Biopharmaceuticals in Modern Healthcare: Promising or Not?

Elijah Sunom Umaru* and Ndikpongkeabasi Victor Enang

July 29, 2023


Over the last couple of years, biotechnology has been giving many leads in different areas of production. In the pharmaceutical industry, it has led to many discoveries and innovations by birthing vaccines, killing microbes using antibiotics and developing many products of pharmaceutical importance. Having served and still serving as an alternative to the chemical approach of drug discovery and development in pharmacy, it is conspicuous that the application of biotechnology in the production and development of biopharmaceuticals could serve as a breakthrough in the development of novel pharmaceuticals. This paper aims to (i) identify and shed light on certain areas which are currently posing a threat to the development and use of biopharmaceuticals and those which may likely have a crippling effect on biopharmaceuticals in the future (ii) suggest and/or provide solutions to these problems, and (iii) identify promising areas for subsequent researches on the seemingly vast benefits of biotechnology in modern healthcare.

Keywords: Biopharmaceuticals; Biotechnology; Anti-drug Antibody; Healthcare


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