PriMera Scientific Surgical Research and Practice (ISSN: 2836-0028)


Volume 1 Issue 6

Love, Care and the Treasure to be Given to the Elderly People in this Modern Scenario

Ojes Xavier*

May 15, 2023

DOI : 10.56831/PSSRP-01-032


     The challenge facing the whole world, especially developing countries like India, foraging and their protection. According to the United Nations, the number of people over the age of 60 in the world is growing exponentially. Lack of knowledge and experience in geriatric care has affected our country. The number of elderly parents who are left alone without adequate care or support is increasing day by day. In the struggle to survive, the protection of parents becomes a burden to the new generation, or there are those who see it that way. Despite the rise of modern technology, the elderly are not getting much benefit. Social services have to be developed for the mental, physical and social health and wellbeing of the elderly, and innovative care styles. Awareness is also essential for a healthy life. When I started my social work studies, I was so much getting touch with one of my geriatric service center that really helped me to ponder once how can I help the aged people those who are rejected from the family. What I tried to say is that we can’t change this transforming world but we can save our aged people. Recently I heard there is a heavy scope in geriatric service from one of my friend that really helps me to rethink or run through my vision in geriatric advancements required in modern society.

Geriatric care has to be popularized

     Life in geriatric care institutions and services is not very popular in India. This is not encouraged for a variety of reasons. Lack of social and family support is also a factor. The community needs to understand the need for care for the elderly. The rates of dependence on geriatric centers are increasing in India. The situation may arise where the children are abroad and the parents are at home. When relying on nursing homes, we need to think about whether our parents will get better care like home. Otherwise the situation of our parents will be miserable. Facilities and quality of care and maintenance should be ensured.

      Good service and quality care are the focus of aging care. Elderly routines, diets, current health status and previous knowledge, functional capacity, strengths and weaknesses are allessential for the smooth functioning of rehabilitation. Adverse conditions are such as sudden depression, uncontrolled functioning of the internal organs, ulcers, weight loss, etc. This will reduce the risk of future complications. The family should be informed at regular intervals about the care and if there are any significant problems. The Resident Assessment Form is an effective tool for valuing things in geriatric care centers.

Serve the elderly

     Policies are currently formulated by the National Policy of Older Persons and the National Program for the Elderly. However, there are no specific restrictions or guidelines for institutional managers on what to do in geriatric care facilities. This needs to be changed. However, the Standard Wise International India Association, a subsidiary of Standard Wise International, has launched a new initiative to evaluate and recognize geriatric care centers in India. This will lead to a broader vision of the elderly living in the country and new policy formulations. Special training Gerontology education and the number of people in need of long-term care are very limited in the country. Errors occur in areas where the elderly are cared for due to lack of education. We need to be trained to care for each other as we care for our parents. Once we all have to be there in any of the old age home because our culture is in a ongoing process of change. If there are hundred people in an old age home, instead of looking at a hundred people as one, they should take care of the needs of each one. Education is essential for this. Before ending I am just visualizing the concept of family it will be extolled in the pages of the history books from where the new generation will read and learn. We just try to foresee a better society then our vision will be clear and precise.