PriMera Scientific Surgical Research and Practice (ISSN: 2836-0028)


Volume 1 Issue 4

The Ideological Submersion-Systemic Mastocytosis

Anubha Bajaj*

February 28, 2023


     Systemic mastocytosis is a heterogeneous disorder characteristically demonstrating mast cells with aberrant cytology and immuno-phenotype accumulated within diverse organs. The condition exhibits an anomalous pattern of neoplastic evolution.

World Health Organization (WHO) classification 2008 denominates distinct categories of mastocytosis as

  • Cutaneous mastocytosis.
  • Indolent systemic mastocytosis with minimal burden of mast cells and absence of cutaneous lesions.
  • Systemic mastocytosis associated with clonal hematologic non mast cell lineage disease as myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), myeloproliferative neoplasm(MPN), acute myeloid leukaemia(AML) or lymphoma.
  • Aggressive systemic mastocytosis exemplifying diagnostic criteria of systemic mastocytosis, absence of mast cell leukaemia or incrimination of cutaneous surfaces.
  • Mast cell leukaemia with mast cells configuring > 20% of nucleated marrow cells or an aleukemic variant with < 10% of circulating white blood cells as mast cells.
  • Extra-cutaneous mastocytoma constituted of unifocal mast cell tumour demonstrating a non destructive neoplastic configuration.
  • Mast cell sarcoma is articulated of unifocal neoplasm exhibiting a destructive tumour configuration and constituent mast cells delineating aggressive cytological features [1, 2].


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