PriMera Scientific Surgical Research and Practice (ISSN: 2836-0028)

Case Report

Volume 1 Issue 1

A Case of Subclavian Artery Thrombosis in Primary Care

Zaheer Ali*, Faridah Amin and Maha Usmani

January 10, 2023


Subclavian artery thrombosis is a rare cause of upper limb ischemia resulting from occlusion of the upper extremity blood supply. The exact incidence or prevalence of subclavian steal syndrome is unknown, most literature reports the prevalence of SSS as between 0.6% to 6.4% [9]. Symptomatic presentation is quite rare and a high suspicion of index is required for its diagnosis in primary care setting. It is imperative to diagnose the condition early in order to avoid the complications. Possible catastrophic clinical consequences necessitate prompt rectification of the underlying disease and risk factors. Treatment modalities are often selected depending on the severity of clinical presentation, while modification of secondary risk factors in primary care is often sufficient among the asymptomatic patients. We report a case of a 70 years old female patient in primary care who presented with decreased appetite, intermittent diarrhea and 3 kg weight loss over 3 months and on physical exam discrepancy of blood pressure measurements was found in both arms. She was advised CT-angiogram which showed Subclavian artery thrombosis.

Keywords: Subclavian artery occlusion; upper extremity thrombosis; primary care