PriMera Scientific Medicine and Public Health (ISSN: 2833-5627)

Literature Review

Volume 5 Issue 1

Tobacco Cessation - Role of Dentist

Jyoti Byakodi*

June 27, 2024


Tobacco consumption is widely recognized as the single most preventable cause of death and disability worldwide. The impact of tobacco use on global health is substantial and well-documented, affecting millions of people and leading to numerous health complications. Tobacco dependence is indeed a chronic condition characterized by a persistent and recurring nature, which often leads to relapse even after periods of abstinence. The chronicity of tobacco dependence can be attributed to both physiological and psychological factors. Nicotine, the primary addictive component in tobacco, creates dependency by altering brain chemistry, leading to withdrawal symptoms and cravings when not consumed. These physiological dependencies are compounded by behavioral and social habits formed around smoking, making it a challenging addiction to overcome. Addressing tobacco consumption is crucial for improving global health outcomes. The role of dental professionals in managing tobacco dependence is vital due to their frequent and often long-term interactions with patients. By implementing comprehensive tobacco control measures, societies can significantly reduce the burden of tobacco-related diseases and enhance the quality of life for millions of individuals.

Keywords: tobacco; tobacco cessation; tobacco-cessation centers; dental surgeons


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