PriMera Scientific Medicine and Public Health (ISSN: 2833-5627)


Volume 5 Issue 1

Inner Life Value for Us

Sofica Bistriceanu*

June 27, 2024

DOI : 10.56831/PSMPH-05-149


Inner life reflects the effects of animate and inanimate surroundings on individuals and their attitudes toward them; self-awareness defines the power to anticipate difficulties, avoid them when possible, and overcome barriers to a successful existence.

External life is connected with inner life, and people’s introspection can generate actions for better changes in their interests.

The inner self defines life’s principles, reasons, and desires; quick, constructive reflection is necessary when these are not aligned.

Enjoying yourself and others, as a preference, ensures a better inner life, learning from each lifetime’s corner.

Others analyse and decide who you are, but your inner voice can tell you that better. Your feelings, emotions, ideas, and perspectives interchange with those of others in various circumstances, finally depicting your health and life trajectory.

People’s illusion of independence provides them joy, but they all depend on each other to sell and buy their products, as necessary, since no one can own or know everything.

Being respectful, honest, and friendly in relationships leads to a good reputation, a successful professional and social life, and a better inner life – core elements for a healthy existence.

Disappointment in relationships with animate or inanimate surroundings grants the darkness to come into your inner life, disturbing personal health and interaction with others. In such circumstances, unhealthy eating habits, more alcohol use, and improper communication are often noticed, and they do not represent a good solution. Route cause analysis of the problem, balancing stressors with other beneficial habits that provide well-being, such as lectures of interest, selected musical programs, the comfort of virtual or real communication with friends and loved ones, walking, painting, and writing must be considered. Favoured and exciting things and actions and professional support from loyal friends, dear ones, and experts in this field can alleviate depression. Sadness and frustration bring sleep disturbance, which can be the starting point for many dysfunctions in the human body; quickly repaired, we provide a light way for life in this perceptible, temporary world.

When a relationship fails, the inner voice can guide personal advancement and creativity for remediation to attain a peaceful inner life.

Doubts and emotional involvement frequently make us oscillate in decisions; each verdict has its way of predicting life’s hazardous game.

Standing trustworthy, kind, and polite usually protects us from disillusionment and extends our relationships.

Life’s ups and downs continuously appear, preferable to making us more robust, more prudent, and wiser in breaking barriers.

Choosing a positive work environment, having loyal collaborators, being honest and respectful, having friendly connections with others, and aligning with social norms contribute to a successful personal, professional, and social life. This, in turn, leads to a peaceful inner life and overall well-being.

Taking time to think about our role, accomplishments, and pitfalls, identifying our weaknesses and strengths, working to overcome obstacles, helping the creators of errors repair their inaccuracy, and being careful in choosing partners/collaborators benefit us by offering a shining inside private and holy room - a peaceful light for relaxation and meditation.

Cherishing and delightful moments in this natural and ephemeral world are essential to a prosperous and healthy existence.