PriMera Scientific Medicine and Public Health (ISSN: 2833-5627)

Review Article

Volume 4 Issue 6

The Link between COVID-19 Pandemic and Vaccine Hesitancy

Aisha Rajapakse, Rynee S. Wijesinghe and Sampath Wijesinghe*

May 29, 2024

DOI : 10.56831/PSMPH-04-146


Vaccination remains a cornerstone of public health, yet persistent pockets of vaccine hesitancy challenge its widespread acceptance. This review explores the intricate interplay between the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine hesitancy, examining how the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine has influenced broader attitudes towards vaccination. A systematic review of literature spanning 2021 to 2023 elucidates the multifaceted factors influencing vaccine acceptance and hesitancy, including socio-demographic disparities, misinformation, and healthcare access. Findings reveal a nuanced landscape, where sociodemographic variables significantly impact vaccine acceptance, while misinformation from media sources exacerbates hesitancy. Promising interventions, such as immersive virtual reality experiences, financial incentives, and political endorsements, offer avenues to mitigate hesitancy and enhance vaccine uptake. Furthermore, the pivotal role of healthcare professionals in promoting vaccination and combatting misinformation underscores the importance of leveraging trust and expertise to shape public perceptions. Employer recommendations and tailored educational initiatives emerge as practical strategies to encourage vaccine acceptance within communities. This review underscores the imperative for targeted interventions grounded in evidence-based practices to address vaccine hesitancy effectively and safeguard public health in the face of evolving challenges.


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