PriMera Scientific Medicine and Public Health (ISSN: 2833-5627)


Volume 4 Issue 4

Spirituality in Healing Disorders

Sofica Bistriceanu*

March 04, 2024

DOI : 10.56831/PSMPH-04-132


The holiness approach varies among people; its perception and integration into life value differentiate people, making them connected at variance, following differing disputes with consequences on human life.

Static and dynamic life forms are perpetually transient on the planet and put in front of humans the creation problem: who, why, what, and to whom necessitate all - that is deciphered partially, much of it remaining a mystery. God could never be understood since the divine’s magnified and bright work blinds all when they come to explore its interrelated nuances. Humans can control various life forms on Earth but cannot comprehend or control divinity.

Faith can provide us with stability and wealth when we follow the rules given to us by the teachings of God and his chosen disciples. Living in a clean environment and being fair, respectful, trustworthy, and honest can lead to a prosperous and fulfilling life. When we maintain our wholesome nature, we become closer to divine energy, which can significantly and positively influence our existence. Being mindful in our work and caring for ourselves and others reward us with better inner workings; its energy can align with the Universe’s positive energy and resonate with it, improving well-being. We must strive to create positive outcomes in all our endeavors.

Individuals must emphasize the benefits of reasonable work and a healthy lifestyle in a suitable environment to maintain and improve their welfare. When feeling unwell, taking the time to reflect on past actions and attitudes in daily interactions with others can help identify any harm caused and allow steps to be taken to rectify the situation. This can be a small step towards restoring the body’s functioning, as mental health is essential in governing all bodily functions.

God invites us not to make more mistakes. Errors cause harm to both the receiver and the person who created the error. The negative energy of the thoughts and emotions associated with these errors can also disturb the contributor’s mental and energetic state, leading to more or less clinically expressive disorders.

Healing human disorders means dealing with darkness and restoring light to the affected area; to do that, we need assistance with thought power. Considering divinity as an indefinite spring, our thinking expects support in troubled times; to receive this help, we must be diligent in our daily lives and struggle to align ourselves with the Universe’s positive energy. By doing so, we can refine our microcosm and achieve overall welfare.

People aspire to perfection but must have an appropriate configuration to achieve it. With dirty life arrangements, you can never be bright. By cleaning up our surroundings, purifying our thoughts, and engaging in proper work, we can attain a peaceful inner life that interrelates with divine energy.

Human sweethearts are changeable over time, and they want another one - a stable adoration that can support them through life’s ups and downs. God continuously sustains and reinforces them when they follow Its principles.

In today’s digital age, it has become increasingly important to have a basic understanding of different religions across the globe due to the rising movement of people. When managing medical disorders, it is necessary to approach discussions with patients regarding their religious beliefs appropriately. Medical teams must honour people's opinions on divine creation and human life. Furthermore, their relationship with the patients and their families should facilitate patients’ involvement in decision-making concerning their viewpoints and practices relating to the existing divine.