PriMera Scientific Medicine and Public Health (ISSN: 2833-5627)

Editorial Note

Volume 4 Issue 3

Reflections on the Lessons of the Pandemic “Covid-19 - Postcovid Syndrome”

Krashenyuk Albert Ivanovich*

February 22, 2024

DOI : 10.56831/PSMPH-04-130


During the coronavirus pandemic, the author of this message was engaged in the treatment of patients, training doctors in treatment technology, analyzing scientific information from around the world and writing his own scientific articles on the topic: "COVID-19 - POSTCOVID SYNDROME". OBSERVATIONS AND CONCLUSIONS. EXPERIENCE OF LEECH TREATMENT". Ed. "ASTERION". SPb, 220p.

The author of this message owns a series of publications for 2020-2023, in which this pandemic was called "COVID-19 - POSTCOVID SYNDROME". The editors of 6 major authoritative and specialized online magazines agreed with this name of the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, the book was born: PANDEMIC “COVID-19 - POSTCOVID SYNDROME”.

Lesson one (1). None of the antiviral drugs known to date have shown the ability to stop the development of the acute viral phase of the process. This phase lasts 2-3 weeks, and we can call it "COVID-19".

Lesson two (2). The acute phase is followed by a chronic process that we call "POSTCOVID SYNDROME". This phase of the disease has a duration of 18-24 months, and sometimes more. And it is the main danger for those who have had a mild, moderate or severe form of the course. For some patients, it has the appearance of mild discomfort.

Lesson three (3). "POSTCOVID SYNDROME" is dangerous for the sudden development of thrombosis and related complications. As shown by the analysis of the development of the pandemic in many countries, 80-85% of patients suffer this infection in mild to moderate severity. And only 15-20% of patients due to concomitant diseases require hospitalization and round-the-clock monitoring by medical personnel. During this period of the chronic phase of the disease, it is necessary to monitor the most informative markers of the possible development of thrombosis: the dynamics of D-dimers, prothrombin time, fibrinogen levels, and the number of platelets in the blood of those who have been ill.

In practice, such large-scale monitoring is not possible. As you know, the recommended treatment to prevent thrombosis is oral anticoagulants. And for detoxification, it is recommended to use plasmapheresis. However, both of these recommended treatments have a number of significant drawbacks and contraindications, especially with their long-term use.

Lesson Four (4). We offer an alternative method - "SYSTEM METHOD OF LEECHING” (SML). The proposed method is based on 30 years of experience in the use of SML in elderly people with multiple organ pathology and children treated at the Academy of Hirudotherapy in St. - Petersburg.

Our experience in the treatment of "POSTCOVID SYNDROME" in the period 2020-2023 has shown the high effectiveness of SML.

Lesson Five (5). There are convincing statistics on the high morbidity and mortality of doctors who worked in the "Red Zone" during the pandemic. First of all, we are talking about nurses and surgeons, that is, about medical personnel who have to contact the bodies of sick people for the longest time. At first glance, it seems that this is due to the violation of the epidemic regime by medical personnel.

However, the author argues that in this case, the factor of remote interaction of the "Aquasystem of a Sick Person" with the "Aquasystem of a Healthy Person" by means of wave radiation may play a role. As evidence, the author cites the discovery of Academician Kaznacheev V.P. and co-authors entitled: "The phenomenon of intercellular distant electromagnetic interactions in the system of two tissue cultures" (Number and date of priority: 122, dated 15.02.1966) and supplements this discovery with his own experimental results on humans, using ultraviolet irradiation of volunteers as a model.

Lesson six (6). Many of our patients note that during the pandemic they were sick 2-3 times.

This suggests that having been ill with one strain of coronavirus, the human immune system is not able to protect against other antigenic variants (strains) of coronavirus. These facts make you wonder, against which strains of coronavirus do you need to prepare a vaccine for the population?.

In addition, many materials have been proven and published on severe post-vaccination complications, including deaths or stillbirths in pregnant women who were vaccinated during pregnancy. In the author's article (Krashenyuk A.I. Pandemic "COVID-19 - POSTCOVID SYNDROME": A System Method of Leeching is a New and Effective Treatment. Journal of Virology Research & Reports, 2023, volume 4(2):1-12).

This problem is being discussed. And this topic is described in even more detail in the author's recently published book "COVID-19 - POSTCOVID SYNDROME". Ed. "ASTERION". SPb, 220p.

Lesson Seven (7) The problem of rehabilitation of convalescents. Since this is a long process that takes 18-24 months or more, the question arises, what to do, how to rehabilitate people? Our experience shows that the safest and most effective method is the use of the "SYSTEM METHOD OF LEECHING” (SML).


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