PriMera Scientific Medicine and Public Health (ISSN: 2833-5627)

Case Study

Volume 3 Issue 2

COVID-19 Pandemic Situation in 2023: A Brief Survey of India

Suresh Kashinath Ghatge*

July 04, 2023

DOI : 10.56831/PSMPH-03-077


The main purpose of the study is to evaluate the case of COVID-19 pandemic situation in 2023 in context of India. The recent scenario has highlighted the appearing of new wave of corona virus, which has hit the nation at a highest rate in which Maharashtra has seen many cases that are more active rather that other state. The vaccination has also been done to prevent this unpredictable case. The secondary qualitative and quantitative study has assisted in gathering of much useful information about the pandemic. The political and social condition has drastically been affected due to new wave of this virus that is affecting many people. On the other hands, the careless nature of many people has resulted as highest chance to increase the rate of pandemic situation. The threat of the pandemic is yet not over for India in 2023 and this in turn has various implications for the economic policies of the nation. Hence, a complete survey of the scenario in India in 2023 has been provided in the article with the help of secondary sources.

Keywords: COVID-19; corona virus; pandemic; economy political


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